DOC Officials Threaten Stabbing Victim To Cover Up Negligence

On the date of June 21st 2016, at approximately 8:15 a.m., a inmate at the Georgia Diagnostic State Prison/Special Management Unit of Jackson Ga.; Cedric Newton GDC #1218943, was assaulted and stabbed by an inmate with a hand made knife, while being escorted to the L-F-Wing recreation (yard call) area, by Officer North and Officer May. Inmate Cedric Newton, whom was in handcuffs to his back, and leg shackles, was very helpless, and could only pray for his life that the inmate didn’t take his life. Especially being that both officers ran and left him to be stabbed by the madman inmate.

This incident wasn’t supposed to even take place, being that the (SMU) prison is “SUPPOSED” to be the most high Maximum Security Prison out of Georgia; which no inmates are supposed to have any contact with each other. This is a “MAJOR” security violation, now the deputy Warden of security Mrs. June Bishop are trying to keep this issue underneath the rug; along with the support of her assistances to her crime; which is Deputy Warden of administration Mr. William Powell; Captain Williams; Sergeant Michael Nopel; Co II North; CO II May;and Nurse Mary Gore and Dr. Burnside whose trying to hide the medical records of the incident.

Now mr. Cedric Newton is living in deep dark fear, being that the administrative staffs are forcing the officials to retaliate against him. Which Deputy Warden of security Mrs. June Bishop has even threaten the prisoner’s life that if she get in trouble behind this incident, that he would be a dead man, and that Mr. Cedric Newton, would not know where it’s going to come from. Warden of security mrs. June Bishop, has even commented, that she wished that the inmate would have killed him; that way he wouldn’t live to tell anyone what happen.

The incident has even been brought to prison director’s Mrs. Davis, whom are also playing part of cover-up, and has made her comment, that she doesn’t talk to inmates: Why must a man have to be a victim by the prisoner’s, and the prison officials? Oppressors and their corruptions on the move! And there has been numerous of incidents that has been covered up by “Black-hearted” administrative staffs. Such as inmates being beaten while in handcuffs; officials trying to poison the prisoners; sexual harassments and sexual assaults; nurses stealing money from prisoner’s accounts; denial of access to the law library, etc. Which the actions toward the prisoners at the (SMU), really makes a person, want to stop and think, of whose really the criminals in this?

The administrative staff, and prison director Mrs. Davis, are working together to enslave the minds of the prisoners under their mass-incarceration movement, within the new (Tier) program that they have, that’s being illegally ran “Illegally”. And in this program, for each phase, a inmate are supposed to move up into the next phase every 90 days, according to the inmates Behavior. Which most of the prisoners has been in one place for one to two years, without any disciplinary records (write-ups). And honestly, there hasn’t been a transfer from the (SMU) in two and a half years. And they’re refusing to transfer any prisoner’s from (SMU) back to General population. This is in face, a crime within itself; kidnapping, mentally abuse; torturing, etcetera. Which being locked down 23 hours a day, a sometimes 24, are making the prisoners frustrated, to the point, that the administrative are recreating monsters, instead of rehabilitating the minds of the prisoners. This is more like the practice of the Willie Lynch enslavement.

And if the (Tier) program would have been ran as supposed to be ran. No inmates frustration wouldn’t of carried the toil of a ambush animal, to harm mr. Cedric Newton. Now this inmate mr. Newton, has to live in fear, and suffer in nightmares from being mentally tilted, from the stabbing and being victimized by the administrative staffs threats.

P.O.O.R. = Passing Over Opportunity Repeatedly

P.O.O.R. = Passing Over Opportunity Repeatedly
By: “FreeRay”
Where: Valdosta State Prison/Lockdown Tier II Dorm

I am a victim of this KKKorrections Department. “Like criminals they lock us in cages, some niggas some stars once you put them on stages.”
How can that be? When our rights are violated on a daily basis. The trick to wear down the man mind, by making him think that it’s cool to be mistreated or disrespected by staff. It’s cool to not write a grievance to inform someone of the abuse. The key to wearing down one’s mental state, you must first make one feel less of a man by taking away our food!! Mail and pictures. Denying a man to go to a Rec Pen/yard to relieve himself of stress. To put ignorant inmates around to always create commotion and confusion. While staff is only here for short periods of time, an inmate is stuck to deal with horrified reality. Courage motivates me to stand up and believe in myself to endure this hardship. Some would say is a mental warfare and only the strong survive. How much can one man really handle? And who made the KKKorrections Department a judge on how much mental anguish one must accept in order to be deemed a contender in the mental Championship Warfare League? They would consider me a rebellious negro because when it was their turn to fuck me I didn’t take the penetration smoothly, I wiggled and tried to fight back which caused them an upset in their regular fucking. Every time an opportunity comes available one must have strength to muster on. Why stop and pretend to play dead? When one can continue running to find hope and freedom. It’s better to die on your feet than to live on your knees, means why settle for the normal or what they call normal when I can wander free. We must all use our inner self and realize the way we view things, do things are called habits or patterns. It was a norm way back when to accept the things one wouldn’t change. With 2020 approaching we must stop this Poor way of thinking, Poor way of doing things, Poor way of living we must stand for ourselves. We must aid and assist our brothers and sisters. We must understand that we didn’t ask to be here, but since we are, we should make the stay comfortable. Why settle for less? Why not achieve more? The sky’s the limit and that’s a true statement. In this Urban Jungle there is always another jungle out there, another set of grass that we have not stepped on or partaking of it’s fruits. No more habitual living. No more habitual way of thinking. Shoot for the stars and if failed you still land amongst the clouds. Be on the lookout for my ROOT Recollecting Our Own True selves thesis.

Written by FreeRay Jun 1 2016 at 1:30 p.m.

“You can look me in my eyes and try to feel my pain.”
“A negro sold his soul for a pat on the back from the plantation owner.”

Mailing address:
Ahijah Murray 1000365344
Valdosta State Prison
PO Box 310
Valdosta, GA 31603

Poetry from the inside: “Spoiled” by Bahgeerah

by Bagheera

I fear us niggas have grown spoiled.

Somehow thinking we’re entitled for the way our parents toiled

As if their suffering could be overlooked by a donkey and some soil

like these run down houses with electrically surging coils.

See how we throw away the water after the hot dogs come to boil

or those scraps left on the plate we feed to the sink’s shrieking gargoyle

that is unless we stick it in the fridge all wrapped up in foil

Only to remember when the smell makes our mucous membranes broil.

Man, we used to use lard for lotion now it’s fancy cocoa butter oil.

We went from sack cloth to master’s suits and couldn’t help but feel royal,

yet we still suffer at the hands we hold to as loyal.

Now ain’t nothing wrong with advancement but if you got angrier about the Oscars than when they shot and killed Oscar…

Then nigga you SPOILED!!!

Banner in Atlanta supports striking Alabama prisoners

Prisoners in Alabama went on strike across the state starting May 1st, refusing to work.  Many of them are reportedly still on lockdown.  Prisoners are refusing to support the institutions which abuse, neglect, and enslave them.

The rebels in Alabama prisons have been getting a lot of attention in Georgia too.  A banner was spotted in Atlanta showing a message of support for the strikers.Banner

Another Day of Violence at Holman

Via FAM:

On April 27, 2016 the realities of Overcrowding continues to translate into violence. As yet again, 2 Officers were assaulted in the Segregation Unit in 2 separate incidents.
Due to such a shortage of Staff and surplus of prisoners, Officers result to being over aggressive in order to emphasize their control, which in turn causes an influx of violent altercations between the two.
Since the Riots of March 11th & 14th, where an Officer and the Warden were assaulted, a Lt and 3 CO’s have been assaulted in the Segregation Unit alone as prisoners fight back against the repressive treatment.
How long will the ADOC allow this Overcrowding and associated violence continue before they realize that the money is not worth the cost of keeping so many people incarcerated in its dilapidated system?

Once again, the ADOC CERT TEAM is expected to arrive at Holman Correctional Facility to reassert control and instill fear as a means of addressing the deteriorating conditions.
After 4 attempts in the past 45 days, seems like it would be clear that this is not the most effective method.
As until Overcrowding is properly addressed the violence will persist.

Solidarity Demonstration Outside Holman Prison

On Saturday, April 9th, more than thirty people answered the call put forth by Freedom Alabama Movement (F.A.M.) for a demonstration outside of the decrepit Holman Prison in Atmore, AL. About four weeks ago, Holman was the site of a large uprising involving hundreds of inmates, who barricaded their dorms, fought guards, set control rooms on fire and even stabbed a guard and warden. This is the third consecutive Saturday where demonstrations have taken place outside of the tumultuous rural correctional facility, and by far the largest to date. The demonstrators gathered to carry the prisoners’ message further and also express our solidarity and our mutual desire to destroy the miserable society that holds them—and to a lesser degree, us—captive.

Family members of the incarcerated, anarchists, communists, activists and locals who lived nearby were all present. Initially less than a dozen demonstrators attempted to hold banners directly outside of the prison and play drums, but were quickly met by Corrections Officers in tactical gear (Camouflage uniforms, body armor, etc) who angrily instructed them to move off the “private road” and to the “free speech zone” located at the highway. The small contingent retreated and reassembled with an additional twenty demonstrators who had just arrived. Stories and plans for future actions were shared, and short interviews were given to a news dude from Montgomery. A banner saying “END PRISON SLAVERY” was rigged over the Holman Prison Sign. After sitting around for about an hour, demonstrators decided to defy the orders given by the corrections officers and proceeded to march down the long dirt road back to the prison. DOC Trucks and Vans kept driving past and guards would scream for the demonstrators to turn around, but they were just ignored, laughed at, given middle fingers, chanted at, etc.



Upon arriving for the second time, a banner reading “SOLIDARITY WITH PRISON REBELS” was unfurled and people began bashing on their drums. Prisoners inside report being able to hear the disturbance outside. There were no more interactions with corrections staff or local police, which many thought meant they were either bluffing about it being a private road or just didn’t have the capacity to enforce any of their demands and threats upon the small crowd.




repost from Free Oso Blanco
Please take sixty seconds of your day and email Hazelton USP at
We have not had success calling this facility but we have had responses by email. In your email, state you are checking in on Byron Chubbuck #07909051. He has not had any rec time in over TWO months. You know that he very much wants his rec time and that he would not turn it down (that is the early excuse – that he’s turning it down). Also express concerns over his mail, legal and personal, being mishandled.
Your tone can be professional or rude or sweet or whatever but please write to them. It really makes a difference. Also, you may want to cc: your email to the regional office in charge of Hazelton. That email address is mxro/

This is an ongoing campaign so if you are reading this then it is still going 
on and your emails are important and appreciated!!!

Nebraska prison rebels attack 2 corrections officers at State Penitentiary in Lincoln, making it the 2nd assault this week on Nebraska prison personnel


LINCOLN — For a second time this week, prison personnel have been assaulted by inmates, this time at the State Penitentiary in Lincoln, corrections officials report.

On Wednesday night, two corrections officers were assaulted as they were trying to secure inmates in their cells for the night.

When one officer directed an inmate to return to his cell, the officer was struck. A nearby officer was struck too as he responded to take control of the inmate, the officials said.

One of the two officers was treated at a local hospital and released.

On Monday, three corrections officers were assaulted at the state prison in Tecumseh, which also was the scene of a deadly riot last May. Just before that, the penitentiary was the site of a less-serious disturbance, in which four corrections workers were attacked and some $1 million in damage was done.

State Corrections Director Scott Frakes said he was “deeply troubled” by the most recent assault but proud of the quick response. He said such attacks would not be tolerated and said the results of investigations will be forwarded to the county attorney for prosecution.

“By its very nature,” Frakes said, “working in corrections is inherently dangerous. Knowing that your team is there for you, no matter what, enables department professionals to help keep Nebraska safe every day.”

Andrew Nystrom, a Corrections Department spokesman, said that because of the ongoing investigations he could not comment on whether the two recent assaults were linked.

Officials from the State Ombudsman’s Office and the state employees union have said in the past that the Tecumseh prison and the penitentiary have some of the department’s worst problems with employee turnover and vacancies.

Memories of Holman

The following post is an excerpt taken from a letter sent shortly after the recent rebellion at Holman. The author (name withheld) is a prison rebel currently housed at Donaldson Correctional facility in Bessemer, Alabama who has also spent some of his sentence at Holman.

March 21, 2016

…We were so excited about demonstrations at Holman, that we spent most of the time talking about that, and how the transfer of many of the brothers who were involved up here to Donaldson will help our cause. That brings me to the other reasons I am in high spirits! I don’t know if you have heard or not, but it’s been all over the news here in Alabama. I also read a small excerpt on the events in Wednesday’s 16th USA Today news paper. In the ‘State by State’ section. I will get the Youtube link from a video ________ told me some guys posted when they had absolute control of the prison and they were running around setting things on fire and whatnot.

As I understand it an officer or group of officers jumped some guy down there, and the men standing by who were witnessing it just went in flip mode! They smashed those officers, and the responding back-up unit. For like three days the inmates had complete control of the camp. They had to call in “emergency response” police from around the state to come in and gain control.

I was there in 2011 when we had a similar situation. The warden at the time was Warden Patterson. That time the revolt spawned from the prison having been on complete lock down for two weeks because of an isolated stabbing between two inmates. Patterson had the practice of punishing the entire prison because of the acts of a few. He also liked to walk around the prison during these lock-down periods and give speeches about how these kind of “behaviors will not be tolerated”. On one of these such speeches in A-dorm a guy threw a AA battery at him and screamed for him to “shut the fuck up”. Although the battery missed him, the act enraged him and feeling emboldened by the thirty or so officers he had accompanying him, he ventured deeper into the open bay unit, which houses 114 men, to try and confront the guy who he thought threw the battery. The man he chose to single out is one who is not to be messed with, and was not the one who threw the it. Nevertheless, Patterson was convinced it was him. We will call this guy “Red”. Once Warden Patterson was within arms reach of Red he attempted to grab Red by his shirt, I guess to direct him our of the dorm. However as soon as he touched him, Red fell into a crouch and came up with a devastating upper cut that knocked Patterson out cold. Red straddled him and began what was an MMA “ground pound”. LOL All the present officers converged on him, and the entire 114 inmates fell on them with sticks, fists, locks in a sock. To this day I can’t tell you how none of those officers weren’t killed. I know over half of them quit that day! LOL The prison officials didn’t have enough personnel to subdue the revolt that resulted so they called in State Troopers, County Sheriffs, and any police that were willing to come help. Once they made it into camp, they began shooting guys with rubber bullet loaded 12 gauges, throwing bang grenades, flash grenades, and teargas everywhere. They also had some machine which pumped teargas into the ventilation units so that the entire prison shortly became filled with the stuff. There was a big cloud of it outside the building. That stuff is what caused guys to submit to the orders of the police. With no escape from teargas, men were having asthma attacks, vomiting and even passing out. Remarkably no one died.

When it was all over, Holman went back to business as usual with about twenty fewer officers. The commissioner of ADOC gave a press conference outside the prison about contraband cell phones. He got on TV and just flat out lied about how “officers were trying to collect contraband cell phones”. There was no searching or shake down period during this revolt!!! But in the shift office they have a large file cabinet where they keep phones that have been collected during past searches. The commissioner filled a large see-through bag with maybe 100-150 phones and gave a speech about how detrimental they are to prison security and that the only way to combat the problem was to jam the cell signals around the prison, but that the public should contact the state legislature about approval of the more blah blah blah… I believe there are maybe more than 20,000 cell phone bills being paid from jails and prisons in AL, because the backlash from activist and different community leaders was beyond what any prisons could have cooked up.

Anyway, man I got off track there. The demonstration that recently took place causd them to bring in these same “emergency response” officers. After they left, the rebellion crank back up. And they were called in again. This happened three days in a row to my understanding. The prison went through many warden changes after Warden Patterson. There was Warden Hetsel, then Miles, Rayborn and now Davenport. I have been here at Donaldson since 2015 so I missed Warden Davenport, but he is known throughout the Alabama prison system to be one of the most cruel, strict, and oppressive wardens in the state.

After the demonstration which took place with Patterson in 2011, wardens never ventured into the housing units there at Holman again. Except GG. She is an assistant warden who likes to play the good cop role of the good cop bad cop act her and Warden Miles created. I have seen potential revolts be ended time and time again by GG. Actually, Warden Miles came in G-dorm once that I know of and a young guy from Prichard, AL we call ________, who is maybe 110 pounds if he is hiding a 10 pound weight, threw a can of shaving powder into his face and told him to get out of the dorm. LOL. Miles ran into no less than 15 beds trying to spring blindly out of C-dorm, LOL.

Well, Davenport is one of these wardens who really thinks he is tough. He walks into C-dorm in Holman, which might I add is the most turnt up of all the housing units at Holman. He walks into C-dorm during this pause in the revolts that took place earlier this week to address the men there. Predictably, they stabbed him up. Say they really fucked him up too. Him along with one other officer who was brave/foolish enough to accompany him. That sparked another rebellion which caused the police to be called in again. Might I add that the state HATES to call in extra forces, even the DOC CERT (Corrections Emergency Response Team) team because that shit costs so much money. Bringing in outside police is substantially more expensive, and ALABAMA IS BROKE!!! since the state has the most overcrowded prison system in the country. The feds have been cutting their general fund for the past 6-7 years. They even closed down all the state parks in order to have enough money to keep the prisons running last fall or last year. As of right now, Governor Bently is complaining for money to build four new state of the art prison facility which he claims will allow them to better manage the prison population.

Anyhow, lots of drama going on right now. Would make for an entertaining reality show. LOL Along with the group of guys who were transferred here from Holman this week I have heard is one of my dear friends. He is really much more than a friend to me. Bruh is my family! And ________ when I tell you he is ’bout that life! Man, G all the way with it. Anytime something jumped off when we were at Holman he was right there in the middle of it, or he was the one to jump it off in the first place. I hate they sent him up here to Johnathins House, but I am going to love to see him and talk with him and ultimately have him stand along side me when we finally get to launch the demonstrations against our oppressors here. Can’t wait to talk to you, man. Till then I will keep you posted, and _________, write me back bruh.


Your Comrade

The beginning of Journey in Klanland: Exposee from inside Hays State Prison

March 7th 2016

We have been fighting in this common struggle since 2012 from G.S.P.’s torture chamber to their general population and beyond! Now; we are, by more than mere coincidence; residents of Hays State Prison where we shipped out the same night and have become roommates!! Fine with us because as the saying goes: steel sharpens steel…

I was asked to share in this letter and I’m delighted to expose the inner workings of corruption that takes place here. It is my duty and anything less would just not be me. I sent a letter to BayView Newspaper last week called: “Welcome to K.K.K.ville” in that letter I described the verbal and physical abuse I have endured and witnessed in less than 14 days in population. Since then, even more has taken place. I’ll begin with arrival: upon first exiting the bus we were approached by this huge, high testosterone, wrestler type officer claiming to turn our testicles into our nipples if we violate facility rules. After intake, we were assigned to the stereotyped behavior dorm. This is our second lockdown in less than 30 days. Word on the cell block as we have 30 days to do this time, because of a disturbance between two different organizations. I am glad to say that me and Ladarius were no part of this commotion, yet still we have to suffer the consequences.

In our first week here; a fight in the chow hall left one prisoner tased by three officers simultaneously. And they got a kick out of it. The same high testosterone officer was amped up as he responded to the fight. He entered the southside chow hall where we were eating our meal, which was the wrong location. Screaming out “where are they?!” When he received another call to report to the northside chow hall, he urged the other officer to move out of his way. This man was jumping up and down with excitement. A day or so later, he brags to prisoners about tazing the prisoner and hearing him scream and holler.

On our 9th day here; prisoner Aaron Graylor was harassed by an officer named Camp during a random “pat search”. The young man is only a few months from being released back into society. Officer Camp said that Aaron’s legs were not spread far enough and attempted to kick his feet from under him. When this did not work he slung the prisoner by his coat, while at the same time causing him to choke. In the process Erin shook loose and it caused the officer to lose his own footing and fall. This prisoner did not take any action but was wrestled to the ground when more officers arrived. I was unable to see any more. During this incident Ladarius and I were told, along with others to lay down on the ground. Several officers ran past us, but this one officer; Officer Germany ran extremely close to us, to the point that he kicked debris on myself. I assure you it was more than enough area to pass beside us. Somewhere between 6 to 10 feet of space to run freely. In less than another minute as we were being escorted into the dormitory.  Alan Hansen was attacked after officer Craig provoked him. This officer was upset because of the first incident and became belligerent and as Hudson stopped to speak with him; another officer grabbed him and slung him to the ground. He was that was swarmed by at least six to eight officers in a “dogpile” maneuver. As the command for us all to get down again, Tyrone McGee was blindsided when officer Germany ran and jumped into the air with a flying knee and took him down. Another officer then kicked McGee in his face.

Ladarius and I made it safely inside our cells, even though, officers wanted to demonstrate on us, but for a female officer told them that we had nothing to do with it. We came together and immediately grieve the whole ordeal and asked that no retaliation be taken upon us and also ask to be transferred.

The individuals: Aaron Graylor, Allen Hudson #1000330320 and Tyrone McGee #1243099 have not been heard from since that day February 25th 2016, even though we asked about them through orderlies who work in the tier I and tier II details. I will continue to seek them out, because right after this I was placed in the kitchen for my detail. Once we are off of lockdown I’m back on my search.

As for the conditions: we haven’t had any recreation except one gym call on March 4th. Out of 6 showers only three work. The kitchen is pretty clean except for the trayroom where I work; there’s mold, the dishwasher is in total collapse, the floor drains do not work, their stopped up. Their are also rats everywhere in the back of the kitchen.

This place also practice a no-touch torture called “sleep deprivation”. We are awakened at 5 a.m. and pulled out of our cells to stand by for breakfast. Once we go to breakfast we’re kept out until after 8:00 count. Then we are given several minutes to get our rooms ready for inspection and held out until lunch. Then after lunch we must wait to after 12:00 count. Then we can go in cells until 3 p.m. for dinner, we must come out again and then we have 4 p.m. count. Now we have until 9 p.m. count to get some rest. Then we have 9 p.m. count. So all day long we have to sit outside our rooms. Some even sleep on the floor beside their doors or in the TV room or the top range where walking is at a minimum. Lockdown is 11:30 p.m. I must admit that being locked down in our dorm is a relief here. This is the only way that we can read, or do work on our cases or write to our family and friends. I also feel safe in my cell. I’ve been to about 12 prisons. I mean not the baddest of the bad, but it’s a pure shame to where a prisoner feels safe being locked down. After I did 34 months., that’s the last thing I want, is to be in my room 24 hours a day. But it is what it is until better days arise.

I’m honored to share with you the ins and outs of Hays State Prison, I’m pretty sure there’s plenty more to uncover about this place. Remember we haven’t been here 30 days yet. SMH?? So stay tuned!!


Willie Coe #1122706
King Coe the Righteous