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Tier Program grievance: inmates cannot flush their toilets

Travis King Grievance that has yet to be answered and/or processed

On 04/01/2015 while being housed in G-1 cell #19 a locked down dormitory my cellmate and myself was moved to G-2 #22 also a locked down dormitory.  When I entered the cell, I notice that the toilet flushing system had been altered so that the toilet could not be flushed from inside the cell but only from a button on the wall outside the cell.  I asked the Sgt. who moved us Sgt. Kirkland why I was being placed in to such a cell when I had done no wrong.  He explained that all cells in the lock down would be altered the same way and that the dormitory officer will flush our toilet for now on.

It has been held by the courts that “Even in extreme situations denial of ‘normal’ toilet facilities, the failure to allow the ‘prisoner’ promptly to dispose of his/her wastes violates the Eighth Amendment”.

Resolution Requested: There has been no written policy or memorandum at this prison that has been giving to the dormitory officers that mandates them to flush our toilets at any set time frame or that they have to flush them at all.  There are also times when the officers are required to perform tasks that will demand their time such as serving trays, count time, cell clean up, inmate escort, etc.  Therefore waste will have to sit in our toilets until the floor officer is done.  Because there are no covers or lids on these toilets, it allows flying bugs and insects to nest inside creating a breeding area.  Making it impossible to eat our food or sleep when flying insects leave our toilet and land on our floor and onto our face and body.  There’s also times that I have to use the toilet on top of the waste that my cellmate has left, making our cell a modern day “outhouse” in which we have to live, locked down in 24 a day.

Because this is without question a serious form of cruel and unusual punishment, it’s my request that I simply be placed back into a cell I can “promptly dispose of my waste”.

Tier Program inmate exposes abuses from the inside

To: Brother Seer

From: Brother Grip G, Quindarrius Duffre

Dearly beloved bretheren,
Today is Nov 25 2014 @ G.S.P. Nothing has changed. I write you once again, enlightening you concerning my current living, health, and this corrupt Tier II program that has been instituted. The atrocities and inhumane acts are innumerable.

The Tier program started July 2, 2014 @ G.S.P., which is a medium security prison that houses closed security inmates on special management unit (SMU). The Tier II program originally only had 3 phases Now in the middle of the program they have instituted another phase in which another 3 months have been added. Each phase consists of 90 days, in which a 90 day review will be conducted to see if the inmate qualifies to be raised to a higher phase, remain on the same phase, or dropped to a lower phase of the Tier II program. The classification committee then bases their judgement according to every inmate’s performance sheet. Throughout the 90 days dormitory officers write and sign daily in these charts, also medical staff and mental health counselors.

This is a great format. The only problem is, if any inmate in particular yells on the floor, beats on the door, or use profane language towards an officer, the officer may not know his exact identity or location, so he or she writes the outburst in the inmate’s performance sheets that were in the vicinity of the infraction, which tracks all inmates behavior. Thus causing innocent inmantes charts to deem negative behavior. One infraction can cause you to remain on your current phase or dropped lower, depending on the severity “according” to their judgement.

Every inmate is given an appeal form after his 90 day review. You are judged based on your performance sheet. In some cases rendering you of winning an appeal. Example: In my performance sheet I had flooding and paper in my window written in my chart. I turned in my appeal and this was my rebuttal – I have not received any disciplinary report for either of these allegations. My cellmate attests to his disruptive behavior of flooding the cell and having paper in the window. My appeal was denied and the warden, who all appeals go to, concurred with the classification committee that I be reassigned to Tier II Phase 1. These infractions are invalid and can’t be proved! Also there is no other level of appealing once the warden has his or her final say so. Question: why would he or she disagree with his classification committee? They are all co-workers.

The Tier II program also boasts social, mental, psychological and educational classes. These classes are to prep you for general population and enhance your social skills. Each week of your current phase you are supposed to recieve a pamphlet on different topics. Truthfully out of 24 weeks on Phase II, I recieved one pamphlet for week 24. It’s a facade to make the Tier director, commissioner, etc. think they are implementing the policies of the Tier II program. The counselor pulled me and 3 other inmates out of our cells to hold a class in dormatory. The counselor said, after we were placed in to holding pens, “Just fill this paper work out I’m handing you inside of these compisition books I’m also giving you guys. You can write anything in them just as long as I have something to turn in. Alright!” we were then placed back into our cells. How is this program really designed to help us? They say that this program is not used to discipline us, then what is the true purpose? What is the mission?


Daily we are locked down 24 hours a day we only receive 2 days out a week for recreation an hour a piece for the last 5 months. It’s SOP policy that we receive 5 hours per week. We can not receive books from the library on phase I or II, so we’re not mentally able to set our minds free, that’s “mentally”. As I stated about recreation above, that’s “physically” we can’t receive pictures on phase I or II that’s a form emotionally. All spiritual books, besides one bible or koran, are not allowed and if you did not have either on your initial date entering the program, you will not receive one, that’s spiritually. Correctional officers make loud noise in the early AM hours doing count, intentionally slamming the window sliders. if you question their authority, they threaten to write in your performance sheet. Every meal, day in and day out, they slam food ports while serving trays deliberately antagonizing and irritating us. They are constantly exercising and flaunting their power dynamic. I’ve recently studied that sound is a well known tactic in both psychological warfare and torture.

The Tier program is designed for only 2 purposes that I can see based on my participation within it and that is psychological torture and sensory deprivation. Solitary confinement without mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally help from the various entities I addressed earlier, deprives you from all your godly senses that he has given unto mankind. This is heavily in contrast with the Tier program. Crippling us to be anti-social, anti-depressed, mental health and sometimes in poor health conditions due to stress which has taken on the form of physical pain i.e. migranes or headaches. This evolves into depravity, as a result of little necessities and all common privileges taken away. This consequently makes a person become morally corrupt. They actually wonder why we are so angry, aggressive, rebellious and unruly. The administration and all parties involved are basically trying to shape and form us into repeat offenders! In majority of the individual cases it’s working. Recently we had a brother commit suicide to free his self from this program. These issues need to be addressed.

Living and health conditions. Cell clean out is ran maybe once a week. Which the officer only pours mix chemicals on a rag, that’s it. No broom, mop or scrub brush. Daily we are fed through a rusty and unsanitary tray box. Laundry is ran once a week, even though they take it up 3 times a week. We have received laundry back numerous times without it being washed. We ask for more clothing and receive the same reply, we’re short on material. Brother Seer I need you to get our hardship out to the media. I love you, brother. – Grip

I Am My Own Master

Born a sovereign but live as a slave.  Others belief and outlooks of life dictates my Present, giving them the right to Judge my future.  Painfully compromising against the self governism that lies in the soul of my spirit.  As I unconsciously pledge allegiance to the many and various laws of order.  I myself have given consent to my own enslavement so, I myself is the key to my desired freedom.  Liberty is always in arms reach when the mind is controlling the hands.  Think before you act.  Knowledge is power.  Illiteracy is our biggest enemy.

Peace and respect to all
Spoken word by a fellow striving brother: KOBE

Cooperative Prisoner, belligerently beaten by officer

On any particular day in prison, you would think one would presume himself safe being housed in solitary confinement. On the day of May 24, 2015 at approximately 11:15, the cert officers claimed to be giving a random shakedown. They came to cell 22, where inmate Marko Burton and Frederick Robinson was housed. Officer Thurman the spokes person for the crew, order them to strip one by one. As being used to shakedowns both inmates stripped and were handcuffed as as instructed by officers. While inmate Robinson was being handcuffed, inmate Burton trips over a shoe of his (which is on the floor of the room) and falls off the bed. At that time lent Thruman yells to security to open door. Once door is open lent Thurman runs in, grabs inmate Burton by the arm to lift him off bed, asks “where is it” punches inmate Burton in the groin, then states “Nigga I’ll kill you”.

Grabs inmate Burton by the head, shoots him two knee shots to the face, and finally takes his head and rams it into the locker box, where his front tooth is chopped in 1/2.

Now this is supposed to be a rando shakedown? Where’s the camera? Where is the protection that is supposed to be bestowed to inmate Burton by the administration? Who is going to protect the prisoner from the admin who solely acts as a gang?

To be callously beaten by Cn officers, and not one cert member stopped officer Thruman as he profusely pounded on inmate Burton! After the shakedown and brutal beating, a phone was suspected to be confiscated in a red book on the bottom sunk assigned to Fredirck Robinson but inmate Burton was written up for it, taken to medical where he was laughed and mocked and took back to his cell.

Marko Burton, an inmate at the Ga state prison has written several grievances on the admin at the facility. He has written up warden Robert Toole for retaliation for his grievances and also a sexual assault against Sgt. Jenkins from an incident in which inmate Burton was made to strip outside in an overt area on Oct. 15, 2014. Since then inmate Burton has been locked down 5x without a Disciplinary report.

The 6th time they put Burton in solitary confinement he wasnt even present in his room, where contraband was found and claimed by inmate Fady who was present at the time of the shakedown and admitted to knowing the contraband under the bed of Burton and Robinson.

Yet and still Burton was charged with the contraband and sent to solitary confinement, where he was later placed in the Tier 2 program in the state of Ga. Segregation is overused, misused and abused in the Ga. Prison system. For instances such as Burton, who was just utilizing his constitutional rights by writing grievances under the protection of the first amendment, is now being tortured and compel to inhumane conditions for practicing his rights. Inmate Burton has six months til his temporary parole month, and being in solitary confinement is counter-proactive to the meaning of rehabilitation, and for these being released from prison, I feel an act of condescension, for those who’re prosecuted as Marko Burton thoughout the states, for trying to emasculate the pestilence that is ostensibly within our judicial system.

It is indispensable that this type of corporal punishment must stop. The prudentence of the recidivism rate in America, is at an all time high, for a person to return back to these condition proves a man has a primitive animalistic side to him that operates purely off instinct. As the Nigerian Paoverb Says “The one eyed man is grateful, only when he sees a man who is totally blind”. I leave as i come, as an individual who has awaken from the snake pit of stupidity into the realms of Growth of development.

The Klan has taken off the sheet and put on a uniform and badge: White supremacy in the prison system

On April 27th 2015 GA’s Dept of KKKorrections celebrated KKKonfederate Memorial Day.  I and other prisoners were denied showers and a food tray, in order for some card carrying Klansmen to celebrate the KKKonfederacy and its legacy, which by the way only entails the oppression of people of color!

On April 22nd of every year, Klansmen from all over AmeriKKKa congregate on top of Stone Mountain, in Stone Mountain, Georgia and burn crosses and propagate their twisted views of white superiority and racial hate!  Guess what?  A lot of these sheet wearing idiots are either law enforcement or affiliated with law enforcement or the GA Dept. of KKKorrections.  See the public has been bamboozled to think the Klu Klux Klan and skin head nation are no threat to the masses but in truth they are the ones wearing the badges, sitting on the court bench and prosecuting the poor peoples of color.  It has become a common sight to see a male or female (white) officer, wearing a tattooed swastika or double lightning bolts on them.  It is clear evidence that the Klan has taken off the sheet and put on a uniform and badge.

Pursuant to the 13th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and I quote “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for a crime, whereof – the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”  So slavery still exists through this concession by the Union, to the KKKonfederate south.  So when I and others call GA’s prison system a slave system, we are speaking a truth!  These prison facilities are modern day SLAVESHIPS, stranded in the middle of nowhere.  Token tom-fool-bootlicking negroes are placed in supervisory positions, as were house negroes in the antebellum south.  These Klansmen and negroes invent and implement tactics [Policy and Procedure] that are designed to break a man’s spirit, body, and mind in order to make a docile and submissive slave.  This is being done throughout GA’s Dept. of KKKorrections.  It has been named “The Tier Program/Step Down Program” which stated purpose of positively reintroducing prisoners back into the general population and free society are contrary to its negative actions of deliberately violating prisoners’ so-called Constitutional Rights.

As stated earlier, I and other prisoners were denied showers and food tray in order for GA Dept. of KKKorrections to observe and celebrate a day that honors racial hatred and oppression.  It amazes me how so-called negroes or African Amerikkans [whatever the hell that is] put on blinders and refuse to acknowledge that racial hatred and suppression has never disappeared or was destroyed by the “I Have a Dream” speech.  It has been lying there like a venemous snaKKKe waiting to strike at every given opportunity!  For example GA’s prolonged solitary KKKonfinement Disciplinary Administrative Segregation [Tier Program], which arbitratily places prisoners under prolonged punishment without any form of due process.  A program designed to subject a human to living conditions that are atypical, such as a Nazi KKKoncentration KKKamp, and subject that human to hardships that can and will only cause permanent injury to him/her spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally.  See only a system such as this program can be operated without any conscious thought as to its adverse effects on the individual, due to the fact it’s creators and orchestration possess the mentality and spiritual presence of Adolf Hitler!  It doesn’t matter if the warden is African Amerikkkan [whatever the hell that is] or the creators of the Tier Program [Betty Bailey Bean, Victor Walker, Tim Ward] are negroes, the fact is they have colored skins but a Klansmen mind state.  So the Tier Program is designed to torture the poor black, hispanic, and poor white, each in their own degrees.  So ask yourself, am I human enough to live in this world and turn a blind eye to the inhumane treatment of GA’s imprisoned citizens?  Hell the local pound treats its strays better than the prisoners of the Tier Program!

I am Kelvin J Stevenson #570391
This 28th Days of April 2015
G.S.P. 2164 GA Hwy 147
Reidsville, GA 30499

Anarchist Resistance in Georgia Prisons Continues

At least four prisoners in the Georgia State Prison in Reidsville are on hunger strike. They demand an end to the Tier Program, a system used to grant and withhold privileges from prisoners. To understand why this is significant, here’s some history:

In 2010, thousands of prisoners across Georgia, USA went on strike, refusing to leave their cells or cooperate with the prison in any way. The effort crossed race and gang lines, with normally rival groups working together. They were met with repression and violence, but resistance spilled into more prisons through communication over smuggled phones. It grew into international news.

Unable to contain the situation, prison officials identified the supposed “leaders” of the uprising and transferred them to Jackson State Prison. There they were held under very restrictive conditions – almost no visits, calls, or medical attention.

In 2012, those prisoners in Jackson started a hunger strike in protest of the restrictive conditions. They were fewer than in 2010, but gained attention and ultimately forced prison officials to meet and negotiate with them to improve conditions.

As one might imagine, officials were worried by a prison population that felt it could make demands. So since 2012, they have taken steps to prevent further resistance. Key among these is their use of the Tier Program. It effectively functions as an unaccountable and arbitrary criminal justice system within the prison itself. Prisoners placed on the program are assigned a tier: 1, 2 or 3. The higher the tier, the more restrictive and harsh their conditions are. The prisoner must then obey and cooperate with officials until they decide to move the prisoner to the next lower tier.

Kelvin J. Stevenson, one of the hunger strikers, describes the conditions in Tier 2, “Cells are filthy and infested with insects and mice. Staph and scabies are constantly present and medical staff care less whether we live or die. […] We live 24 hours a day receiving half portion food trays, thus deliberately malnourishing the prisoners into submission. When you look at the prisoners housed here, you can clearly see that all are malnourished!”

Tier 3 is the most restrictive, and effectively amounts to solitary confinement. Kelvin spent time in the Tier 3 Special Management Unit, and calls it torture, intended to “destroy the mental, spiritual, and physical being” of prisoners. Prisoners are known to spend stretches of many months at a time on Tier 3. Recently one man who was soon to be placed on the program committed suicide, and there have been several other attempts just this year.

The Tier Program is ostensibly used to punish those who commit serious violence while in jail, or are involved in organized crime inside. But increasingly, it’s being used to persecute anyone who prison officials fear could promote dissent. Prison officials use the program to punish those they suspect of organizing or sowing discontent. Kelvin, who identifies as an anarchist, writes, “Any prisoner who is a part of an organization with any form of political or religious or cultural background is then arbitrarily validated as a gang member, and this is used to justify his placement in the program.” Hunger striker Travis King writes, “We are kept in the program if we complain. It is of my opinion that I’ll be in this program even longer for this letter but people on the outside must know what we go through behind these walls.”

In 2010, Kelvin was beaten severely with a hammer by guards during the statewide uprising. Five years later, he is risking his health again to highlight the brutally effective system that prisons are using to keep the next spark of rebellion from catching.

Internationally, coordination and solidarity between prisoners is increasing, with illegal phones becoming widespread and activists on the outside circulating information. From Ohio to Athens, it seems more prison resistance is appearing every day. The Reidsville hunger strikers recognize that if these efforts are to spread and grow, systems like the Tier Program must be recognized and destroyed.

Letters and recordings from the hunger strikers can be found at
They can be written at the following addresses:

Kelvin J. Stevenson #570391
LaDarius Colbert #1000145093
Travis King #1016866

GSP-2164 GA. Hwy 147
Reidsville, GA 30499

Hunger Strike In Protest of Conditions in Georgia Prisons’ Tier Program

A hunger strike has been going on in Georgia State Prison in Reidsville since February 26. Prisoners are protesting inhumane conditions, including beatings and lack of access to sufficient food, sanitation, exercise, and an effective grievance process. Their demand is an end to the state’s Tier Program, a 2013 initiative that created three increasingly restrictive levels of “Administrative Segregation” to deal with prisoners who are deemed a significant threat to security.

Kelvin J Stevenson, a hunger striking prisoner, has been held in solitary confinement for years. After Kelvin participated in the hunger strike in 2010, he was beaten with a claw hammer by guards, for which he pursued a lawsuit. He was subsequently placed in the “Special Management Unit”, a facility outside of the prison in Jackson, GA, which constitutes the third and most restrictive level of the Tier program. He has now been moved to Tier II. Kelvin calls the program “prolonged solitary confinement” and says “the objective is to destroy the mental, spiritual, and physical being” of those housed in it. He argues that the harshness of the conditions amounts to torture.

Kelvin writes, “Cells are filthy and infested with insects and mice. Staph and scabies are constantly present and medical staff care less whether we live or die.” Travis King, also housed in Tier II, says, “We have to live in a two man cell where we have no power or control of our lights or toilets. We have to eat and sleep with our waste in our toilets and our toilets are only flushed at the floor officer’s choosing.”

Prisoners have very little access to the outside. Travis writes, “ Our reck or yard is almost none existing”. Kelvin says, “If it is shower day there will be no outside exercise period,” and he is currently getting no yard time at all. Shawn says that he is allowed two hours of yard time a week–the rest of the time he spends “on lock down”: locked in his cell. Prisoners are assigned to these conditions for a year or more at a time.

Food rations are also insufficient. Kelvin says prisoners “live 24 hours a day receiving half portion food trays, thus deliberately malnourishing the prisoners into submission.” He asserts, “When you look at the prisoners housed here, you can clearly see that all are malnourished!” Another prisoner on Tier II, “Shawn” who asked that his real name not be used, says that he heard Warden Robert Toole tell the prisoners that he was going to help them lose weight (in reference to underfeeding the Tier prisoners). Shawn says that he has seen drastic weight loss in people who enter the Tier Program, such as one man who had weighed about 200 pounds and dropped 70 pounds after being placed on the program. He says he heard a guard say he was glad prisoners were losing so much weight because they would be easier to beat in a fight.

Violence is another serious problem. LaDarius Colbert, housed in the prison’s population and working to support the hunger strike, writes, “Recently one of my brothers was beaten by the Cert [Corrections Emergency Response Team]”. Shawn says that guards stand by and do not interfere when a prisoner attacks another. For example he says they are afraid to intervene when a prisoner is “swirled”–beaten by another prisoner while he is in handcuffs–and Shawn has been swirled himself.

Another complaint is lack of access to an effective grievance process. Kelvin writes that when people file grievances, staff “make sure that they are not processed in order to keep the prison abuses covered up.” Prisoners say that filing grievances draws retaliation from the staff because administrators want “to instill fear in prisoners who would challenge this program”. Kelvin says his room was ransacked and his property seized as backlash for filing grievances. He also says, “Any prisoner that files grievances to complain about the denial of outside exercise periods, cell sanitation, law library access, telephone and visitation access to family, the mice and spider infestation, are targeted by G.D.C. administrators and subjected to assaults by C.E.R.T.”

According to the operating procedures, placement on the Tier Program is supposed to be reserved for prisoners with severe infractions like leadership in riots or trafficking in contraband. However Kelvin writes, “Any prisoner who is apart of an organization with any form of political or religious or cultural background is then arbitrarily validated as a gang member, and this is used to justify his placement in the program.” Also, prisoners repeatedly cite instances of placement being used as a punishment. Kelvin says, “According to G.D.C. S.O.P. #IIB09-0003 a prisoner must be sanctioned to this program thru the prison’s disciplinary procedure in order that he is given some form of due process. Yet the majority of prisoners placed on this program have no disciplinary report in their institutional files that sanctions such a placement.” Travis writes, “we are kept in the program if we complain. It is of my opinion that I’ll be in this program even longer for this letter but people on the outside must know what we go through behind these walls.”

Conditions in the Tier Program are so notorious, Kelvin and Ladarius report that one man recently committed suicide when he was about to be placed in the program. They say that death followed on the heels of another suicide earlier this year, and Kelvin knows of at least two suicide attempts in addition.

Hunger strikers are demanding an end to the Tier Program. Kelvin writes, “I would like to see this program abolished and education, vocation, on job training programs become a top priority” because they “would prepare prisoners to take control of their lives and their future.” LaDarius is working to start a program called “Peace” which he hopes to be allowed to teach, to educate prisoners from different groups about “the senselessness in their nihilistic turf wars.”

To shed light on the conditions, Kelvin wants “an investigator from the U.S. Dept. of Justice to come and investigate and talk to me and all prisoners housed in this program.” He also encourages people “to contact their state representatives, their congressmen or congresswomen, the U.S. Dept. of Justice [human rights division] and impress upon them that this program and the effects of these torture chambers are unacceptable and must be ended.”

“Justice was not served”: Background Story of a Reidsville Prisoner

By Ladarius colbert a.k.a. Comrade Seer

At the age of 18 I became a major factor in Amerikkkas Capital Corporation. Beginning with 3 aggravated assaults in August of 2008 and ending with 2 Violent felonices as my charges of violation as a guilty felon of criminal acts. The first violention as my due process right was bounding of my weak case to the superior courts. One of my victims grandmother (ms. Lougennia Luttrell) was part of the serving Grand jury who indicted me. Encaged in no man land fighting a disadvantage battle for my liberty against the machine prose-exeutioners. Multiple statements of hearsay and assumption brought the warrants of the arrest out. My lawyer had taken me to trail unprepared and insufficiently argued my case. I was also tried with two other co-defendants that were also being tried for 3 seperate case while we were going though our initial trail. The prose-executioner with held informal agreements (contracts) with the state witnesses and allowed the immuninized criminal to return to society with no puishment for their confessional role in the criminal act. Justice? Cooperation escape incarceration? Found guilty of 3 of the 7 deadly sins as the charges varies for all 11 total. Sentance to serve the state 25 years but do 13 of them incacerated without parole. This verdict was judged by 13 (12 jurors and a judge) which you can say was a pat on the hand considering my charges. Many with worse predicaments will agree but being that my victim one case clarified for the courts that i was positively not the assailant and was still convicted based soley on my statement of incredible state witness seemed partial. After being convicted I was then sent to the of their many inhumane concentration camps that promates and practices the opposite of their profess ethnics and morals. 6 years and still no justice as I await for a new trail hearing decision. July of 2014 the judge (Judge Mullins) recess the hearing for an additional 10 days prorogation to the deeply examine the two parties arguments. Mind you that i was able to disqualify my district (Muscogee country of columbus, GA) entire D.A. Office and also prove that my trial prosecutor (Mr. David Helmick) Committed prosecutorial misconduct and was suborto prejureel statements by the state witnessess. With the violation of my 5th, 6th, 8th , and 14th amendments I fail to see the difference in Criminality and the blind justice system I sit here in torment under a fictious pary conviction and stagateel deliberately by my fidicuriry. Form the booking room to the caged in society I can only agree with the true judge (Yahwen “God”) No, Justice was not served.

To be continued.

Hunger Striking Prisoner Releases List of Demands

Statement From Hunger Striker

As to date Georgia’s prisoners are being arbitrarily and unlawfully denied their First, Fifth, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendment rights under the United States Constitution.  Prisoners are being forced to live in conditions that are atypical and cause significant hardships!  Prisoners are being subjected to treatment that has been deemed torture by the United Nations.  Prisoners are being subjected to mental, physical, and emotional torture on a daily basis by being forced into GA’s prolonged solitary confinement/disciplinary administrateice segregation (Tier Program) without having any disciplinary sanctions to justify such a punishment placement.

Therefore I am forced to challenge aforesaid violations through the non-violent means of hunger strike!

(1) I demand an end to the torture of all prisoners unlawfully placed on GA’s Dept. of Corrections prolonged solitary confinement/Tier Program.
(A) No prisoner should be held in a Special Management Unit for longer than 30 days.  Rehouse all prisoners currently in all tier programs throughout GA’s Dept. of Corrections to mainline facilities.
(B) Interaction with other prisoners every day.
(C) Time spent outdoors with space and basic equipment for exercise every day.
(D) Healthy food items with full food portion sizes and clean water every day.
(E) Proper clothing, footwear, and climate/temperature control.
(F) A complete end to the use of and threat of violence by staff against prisoners who have not made any physical threat to staff.
(G) Access to phone calls and contact visits with family at least once a week.
(H) Timely and proper health care.
(I) Access to engage in productive activities including correspondence courses and vocational and remedial education courses.
(J) A meaningful way to grieve any abuses or denial of the stated basic rights.
(K) Weekly access to the satellite law library for opportunity to adequately litigate.
(2) Freedom of association.
(A) No punishment based on what books one reads or has in their possession.
(B) No punishment for jail house lawyering for oneself or for others.  For filing grievances or for any challenges to conditions of confinement through legal means.
(C) No punishment for what outside organizations one belongs to or corresponds with.
(D) No punishment for tattoos or cultural identity practices/beliefs.
(E) No punishment for communicating with other prisoners if not breaking the law.
(F) No punishment for what individuals of the same race/nation/organizational affiliation do unless you as an individual were involved in violating a rule or law; i.e. no group punishment!!
(G) No punishment for affiliation with a gang, security threat group, cultural group, or other organization.  In other words, a complete end to Gang Validation System that punishes people (currently puts people in prolonged solitary confinement/Tier Program for an indeterminate amount of time without being given due process) based on their affiliation and/or ideology without having broken any rules or laws.

GSP-2164 GA Hwy 147
Reidsville, GA 30499

GA Dept of KKKorrections Invests In The Business of Torturing US Citizens

by Kelevin J. Stevenson #570391 – G.S.P.

GA Dept of KKKorrections new Tier program has taken steps to destroy a prisoner’s family bonds, now stopping prisoners from receiving any pictures or letters with pictures in them. GA Dept of KKKorrections administrators have enacted a policy that clearly violates a prisoner’s 1st Amendment right to freedom of association and their right to freedom of speech. The 1st Amendment exists to protect the citizens’ right to read books, magazines, newspapers, etc. The right to call or write to your family and friends, the right to criticize government or state officials, and much more.

Now GA Dept of KKKorrections have stated on the face of this Tier Program that this is not a punishment measure. But the actual operation of this program arbitrarily strips a prisoner of their guaranteed constitutional rights and subjects each prisoner to tactics that are medieval in design and purpose. Without being given due process through the prisoner disciplinary hearing procedure. Without being sanctioned to prolonged administrative disciplinary segregation, a prisoner is stripped of all personal property, all visitation, telephone, and mail privileges, commissary etc. He is then placed in a single occupancy cell with a roommate, who may or may not wish to live with him. He is limited to outside recreation for short periods of time on a bi-weekly basis – due to either bad weather or yard officer not wanting to run prisoners to the yard.

He is forced to accept a food tray that falls far below the Federal Calorie Dietary Intake for daily nutrition. Thus he is being deliberately malnourished as were the Jews in the Nazi KKKoncentration KKKamps in 1945, given just enough to barely keep the human body functioning. The majority of prisoners on the Tier Program are kept below a healthy weight, in order for them to be more manageable. I must point out that a hungry individual is a desperate individual, which makes him the most dangerous animal on the planet.

This is the obvious result of the torture business, and unwittingly Amerikkkan citizens (taxpayers) are subsidizing S.H.U.s, S.M.U.s and other torture units in the guise of public safety measures, through the federal grants given to states for establishing and operating a so-called special management unit! The deliberate torture of impoverished and most likely mentally unstable citizens is clearly a KKKontradiction of a free society’s claims of being free! So the truth is mirrored in how AmeriKKKan society treats its imprisoned. It is the purest reality reflected in how society at large is treated by its elected government.

So if Amerikkka intentionally tramples on the constitution, how can any human anywhere in this country call this the land of the free? How does it sit with the so-called God-fearing man or woman to come into knowledge that their hard earned money is used to torture a child of God, now ain’t that a holy mess? I’m not saying that prison should be cozy, what I am saying is if a criminal is one who has committed a crime against his fellow citizen, then any act that harms a human (whether KKKonfined or free) is criminal. Thus, GA Dept of KKKorrections’ investment in the business of torturing US citizens mentally, physically, and spiritually can only be a KKKriminal act and should be prosecuted like any other citizen of Amerikkkan status. The Tier Program is KKKriminal in its intent and operation!

Respectfully submitted,
This 26th Day of March 2015
Kelevin J. Stevenson #570391
GSP-2164 GA Hwy 147
Reidsville, GA 30499