Another Reidsville Tier II prisoner speaks out against inhumane conditions

Another prisoner has come forward to speak out against the abusive conditions in Georgia State Prison in Reidsville.  Here is the content of his letter, unchanged:


I’m a inmate in the Tier II Phase I Program at Georgia State Prison in Reidsville, GA., where our rights are violated every day of the week. We have to live in a two man cell where we have no power or control of our lights or toilets. We have to eat and sleep with our waste in our toilets and our toilets are only flushed at the floor officer’s choosing. Our reck or yard is almost none existing, and we are kept in the program if we complain. It is of my opinion that I’ll be in this program even longer for this letter but people on the outside must know what we go through behind these walls. My name is Travis King and I do want and pray that this letter will be publish.

T King
Georgia State Prison
2164 Ga. HWY 147
Reidsville, GA 30499