“Justice was not served”: Background Story of a Reidsville Prisoner

By Ladarius colbert a.k.a. Comrade Seer

At the age of 18 I became a major factor in Amerikkkas Capital Corporation. Beginning with 3 aggravated assaults in August of 2008 and ending with 2 Violent felonices as my charges of violation as a guilty felon of criminal acts. The first violention as my due process right was bounding of my weak case to the superior courts. One of my victims grandmother (ms. Lougennia Luttrell) was part of the serving Grand jury who indicted me. Encaged in no man land fighting a disadvantage battle for my liberty against the machine prose-exeutioners. Multiple statements of hearsay and assumption brought the warrants of the arrest out. My lawyer had taken me to trail unprepared and insufficiently argued my case. I was also tried with two other co-defendants that were also being tried for 3 seperate case while we were going though our initial trail. The prose-executioner with held informal agreements (contracts) with the state witnesses and allowed the immuninized criminal to return to society with no puishment for their confessional role in the criminal act. Justice? Cooperation escape incarceration? Found guilty of 3 of the 7 deadly sins as the charges varies for all 11 total. Sentance to serve the state 25 years but do 13 of them incacerated without parole. This verdict was judged by 13 (12 jurors and a judge) which you can say was a pat on the hand considering my charges. Many with worse predicaments will agree but being that my victim one case clarified for the courts that i was positively not the assailant and was still convicted based soley on my statement of incredible state witness seemed partial. After being convicted I was then sent to the of their many inhumane concentration camps that promates and practices the opposite of their profess ethnics and morals. 6 years and still no justice as I await for a new trail hearing decision. July of 2014 the judge (Judge Mullins) recess the hearing for an additional 10 days prorogation to the deeply examine the two parties arguments. Mind you that i was able to disqualify my district (Muscogee country of columbus, GA) entire D.A. Office and also prove that my trial prosecutor (Mr. David Helmick) Committed prosecutorial misconduct and was suborto prejureel statements by the state witnessess. With the violation of my 5th, 6th, 8th , and 14th amendments I fail to see the difference in Criminality and the blind justice system I sit here in torment under a fictious pary conviction and stagateel deliberately by my fidicuriry. Form the booking room to the caged in society I can only agree with the true judge (Yahwen “God”) No, Justice was not served.

To be continued.