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100 Degree’s–Two men / single occupancy Cell

By Kelevin Stevenson

Well it comes as no surprise that Georgia state prison’s administrators would actually place a kkkorretions officer, who has been put under investigation and put on suspension for an unprovoked attack he commited on a prisoner earlier this year, on the Kkkorrections emergency response team. It is clear from this action that Warden Stanky Williams is incompetent and should be removed from holding any position of authority. I have witnessed just a few days ago, this same unprofessional Kkorection officer attempting to man-handle prisoner while the prisoner was in restraints and the supervising officer stepping into the situation and reminding said Kkkorrection officer. “He was wearing a body-camera and that there were cameras alll through the prison dorms.” at which time the sargent of the Kkkorection emergency response team took control of prisoner and sent his subordinate to do something else. The Kkkorrection officer feels that he is untouchable due to Warden Williams condoning even promoting this unlawful behavior. Yet the moment a prisoner take the necessary step to defend himself, he is charged with a felony and taken before a Kangaroo court and given more prison time to serve for doing what is his god given right to do and this is to protect himself from any type of abuse. Warden Williams seems to forget in his feeble mindess that not all prisoners are ignorant or illiterate to the law or that these are prisoners who have family on the outside that truly care and will take the necessary steps to expose and demand justice for their family members. History has never failed to show, that a tom-fool bootlicking Negroe will do any and everything he or she can, to please his slavemaster. The first thing he is always does is find a way, a new way to torture and maim the ones already oppressed in order to make himself seem / or feel as if he is better then these oppressed. Prime example of a negro that has sold his soul for a pat on the back from the plantation owner is a negro willing to place two men in a single occupancy cell with a toilet, that can only be flushed from outside the cell, a Negro that has two men housed in a cell with inadequate ventilation / air circulation with cell temperatures that avergae 90 and at time exceed 100 degrees and no steps have been taken to correct these living conditions. A negro that allows humans to be deliberately denied a properly prepared, nutritious food tray, with all the allotted food items and the federally mandated food portion sizes. Thus a Negro with a Adolf Hitlers mindstate, who sole intent and purpose is to deliberately malnourish humans, as one means to break a man’s mind and spiritually. First attacking and destroying the physical body in order to force compliance from these being tortured here in Amerikkka’s Prison / slave system. Yet it is stated for the record like a broken record that the tier program is not a punishment measure, but Ga. Dept. Of Kkkorrection actions and the actions of is supervisory are to be deemed anything but draconian in nature and in its forceful application. As a result society as a whole is robbed and victimized by effects of oppression points incarcerated citizens, thus contradicting and defeating the so called ideals of a modern day free society. How can a true free society exist, when its citizens are being tortured under the guise of public safety? How can this be a free society when the ones sworn to uphold the law break the law everyday and are more Kkriminal then the ones that are imprisoned? The reality of the matter is that state of KKKonfederacy is still operated and grounded in the ideals and principles of the old slave south and its Kkkonfederite polities. So here at Ga. State prison, its just Negros doing what negroes where manufactured to do, and that is be the best slave they can be. Yet let me tell it, nothing is wrong with that, and so as the world turns negros are bred and born, and the creations stand in awe at how slaves continue to exist. And Society as a whole can only shake its head and reap what it has sown. Well this was / is another from Ga’s Torture chamber.

Criminals in Blue Uniforms

Your criminal mind derives from past anguish and manipulative orders.  Hearts of pain and vendetta against present individuals who remind you of past opposition and betrayers.  So much anger and so little understanding causes you to make uncalculated decision.  Your spirit is entrapped within this institution of madness, staring everyone down with an evil eye.  Maliciously you complete your task of abuse set by the atrocious tyrant that lays down your orders.  Kindness is the nemesis of the oppressive administrator of law.  Your heart begins to rot off the understanding of no one’s perfect.  Your envious thoughts are displayed through your malpractices of ill deeds.  Your judgements of those you were assigned to protect, serve, and/or oversee are void for your mind is no different from ours.  You break the law of basic human respect for others as well as yourselves.  Your morals and principals causes many of you to dislike yourself.  Reluctantly, you cooperate with those who dislike your existence but love your servitude for a little of nothing.  You flaunt your delusional authority and unison amongst the system of thieves.  Nevertheless, when one of you chooses to stand on the true code of righteousness, you’re considered an outcast and the plot to eliminate you is instantly devised.  This system of abuse, extortion, capitalism, and institutional genocide refuses to live by its written ethics of rehabilitation and correction.  As the bible says in Proverbs Chapter 12:15: The way of a fool is right in his own eyes.  We are considered denizens (dead citizens) due to our past illegitimacy.  Hence, you display similar actions daily, violating our constitutional and basic human rights.  From the religious view you are Lucifer’s minions and from the legal aspect you are just criminals in blue uniforms.

A spoken word from a fellow prisoner of a war held captive behind enemy lines
LaDarius Colbert
A.K.A. Comrade Seer

GA State Prison’s Administrators KKKonspire to Deny Prisoners Religious Freedom/First Amendment! REALLY?!!

GA State Prison’s Administrators KKKonspire to Deny Prisoners Religious Freedom / “First Amendment! REALLY?!!”

by Kelevin J. Stevenson #570391

April 23, 2015

As of October 22nd, 2012, I qualified and began participating in the “Alternative Entry Program” due to my religious beliefs, I observe a restricted vegan diet and refuse to eat anything that is non-Kosher, animal or animal by-product, meat, fish, eggs, dairy, and any or all foods prepared or cooked with fire on the Holy Sabbath. On April 17th, 2015, I was informed by Brian Chambers, Unit Manager, Georgia State Prison Prolonged Solitary Confinement/Disciplinary Administrative Segregation [Tier Program] Coordinator, that he was informed by Chief Counselor Milton Smith and Warden Stanley Williams that I could NOT participate in the “Alternative Entry Program” until I had completed the Tier Program. This statement manifested from Brian Chambers due to my continued filing of grievances and hunger strikes I’ve been on since arriving at Georgia State Prison on December 23rd, 2014. I filed a grievance complaint on December 31st, 2014 for “Retaliation”/Retaliatory Transfer, due to the Special Management Unit, at Georgia Classification Diagnostic Prison in Jackson, Georgia, having and continues to have the “Alternative Entry Program” and Georgia State Prison does not, nor has it ever participated in the “A.E.P.”. This was a known fact before G.D.C. Administrators transferred me to Georgia State Prison.

Due to the fact that I refuse to eat these Kosher, non-vegan food trays I’ve lost over 30 pounds within the last 4 months.

I was transferred from S.M.U. due to my activism against human oppression and I constantly protested the inhumane mistreatment of prisoners housed at S.M.U. As a result, I was subsequently retaliated against and transferred to GA State Prison, which is a medium-minimum security level prison, but has a Prolonged Solitary Confinement/Disciplinary Administrative Segregation [Tier Program] that is more extremely restrictive than the S.M.U., which houses so-called maximum/high-maximum security prisoners [Supermax]. Pursuant to G.D.C.-S.O.P. IVL01-0027, the “Alternative Entry Program” is available to all inmates free of charge. It is a federally funded program, therefore, places no burden on GA Department of KKKorections. Yet, GA State Prisons’ Administration has taken steps to deprive me of my First Amendment Right to exercise my religious freedoms. Which makes me wonder and ask, “does the United States Constitution truly protect its citizens’ rights?” It is clearly and deliberately an attempt by Commissioner Homer Bryson, Rich Jacobs, Robert Toole, Stanley Williams, and, especially, the card carrying Ku Klux Klan Milton Smith and Brian Chambers to force prisoners either to participate in an unlawful Prolonged Solitary Confinement/Behavior Modification or be denied their right to exercise their religious freedoms. So, First Amendment-Really? Is my attempt to publicize how so-called Constitutional Rights doesn’t really exist for the common-man. AmeriKKKa allows the denial of a religious principle in order to oppress and no one dares question such an action! Any person with common sense sees that GA Department of KKKorrections’ Prolonged Solitary Confinement/disciplinary Administrative Segregation is a punishment measure, plain and simple. And sensory deprivation use is a part of its operation, so anything that a prisoner can hold onto physically, mentally, emotionally, and, especially, spiritually is taken in the guise of rehabilitation.

So, what should I do? Should I forfeit my religious faith, its dietary restrictions, and principles in order to engage in a program that oppresses and instills hate and violence in all prisoners subjected to this torture program? I refuse to take part in anything that is used to torture me or any others! Who knows, some of you or your children may one day become victims of this Tier Program.

Respectfully submitted this 23rd day of April, 2015

Jams Kelevin J. Stevenson #570391

Mechanism to Make a Slave / Georgia’s Tier Program

Mechanism to Make a Slave / Georgia’s Tier Program

by Kelevin Stevenson #70391

April 15th, 2015

As I sit in the Hard Cell and talk to my comrade through a heater vent, today I had an epiphany in looking at Georgia Department of Corrections’ Prolonged Solitary Confinement/Disciplinary Administrative Segregation [Tier Program-Behavior Modification] for what it was truly developed for and why it was implemented.

If you have ever seen the old “Rise of the Planet of the Apes,” there is a scene in which it shows the apes being put through rigorous behavior programs that trained them to be docile and subservient. Notice they used shock treatment, physical assault, withheld food, and even used a flame thrower to instill fear and submission from the apes. Cesar, the orchestrator and leader of the rebellion seen from the start that no being should be treated as such and was moved to end such torture and oppression. I realize social control is only one aspect of this so-called Behavior Modification Program. Another is the indoctrination of the slave mentality, it is a process to manufacture a top-of-the-line mindless drone.

As I look around this torture chamber, I clearly see that prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, so-called terrorists, are treated 100 times better than incarcerated citizens of AmeriKKKa. Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay have T.V.s in their cells, so they can keep up with world events. They are given Qurans, Bibles, or whatever religious books and anything that pertains to religious freedom. They can flush their cell’s toilet and are allowed basic human rights. Yet, here in AmeriKKKa, in the KKKonfederate State of Georgia, in the Georgia Deparment of KKKorections, U.S. Citizens are subjected to extreme living conditions that are harsh and instill hate and violence. I overheard a card-carrying Ku Klux Klan member state to a prisoner that this program was designed by the U.S. Military to break a man’s mind and spirit, turning him into a blank slate and programming him to be what the military wants him to be. So, I and others point out to this Neo Nazi Fascist, that we are U.S. Citizens and not military combatants and that this is a prison in the great U.S.A. His response to these statements were, “Welcome to Modern Day Urban Warfare!”. There it was, out in the open, like Bishop Eddie Long. Every black, poor white, Asian, and Latino was deemed an enemy of the state! Each natural born citizen incarcerated in Georgia Department of KKKorrections Disciplinary Administrative Segregation/Prolonged Solitary Confinement has been deemed AmeriKKKa’s enemy and targeted for U.S. Military style brainwashing. I wonder what my younger brothers would think and feel about their services to the Great U.S.A. through over 17 years in the U.S.M.S. and 10 years in the U.S. Navy. How would it sit with them knowing their family member is being subjected to torture, just because he has the mind and will to resist, rebel, and defy the means of oppression.

In essence, the implementors and operators of the Tier Program, through subjecting prisoners to atypical and significant hardships, deliberately trample upon the First, Fifth, Eighth, and Fourteenth Amendment Rights that are supposed to be protected by the United States Constitution. Georgia Department of KKKorrections Tier Program is purely a mechanism to make a mindless slave. Slap a swastika on the emblem and the truth of it is revealed, Nazi KKKoncentration KKKamp!

Respectfully submitted,

Jams Kelevin J. Stevenson #70391

GSP-2164 GA Hwy 147

Reidsville, GA 30499

Tier Memoir

Draconion would appear to be the perfect word to describe the conditions we, as Tier II (2) program inmates, suffer within the walls of the Georgia State prison facility.  Yet, if one was to apply reason, it may look more like an understatement.  We have been forced physically and mentally to withstand the barbaric nature of our confinement which does nothing outside of dissuading some from fighting against its oppressive grasp.  The toilet buttons have been stripped away from inside the cells and placed without, leaving it up to an officer’s discretion whether or not to relieve an inmate’s cell of the feces that sits in the toilet and reeks within the atmosphere of the “two man cell”.  Medical fails at providing the adequate healthcare services.  Mental health treatment is futile.  This is more than obvious when considering the facilities suicide and sucide attempt rate.  Constantly, all means of “accessing the courts” or law library is being denied, leaving a majority of inmates defenseless in righting the wrongs and correcting the errors of the system.  This causes a chilling effect to spread at a high level and only cushions the massive incaceration rate of the State of Georgia and the United States.  Pepper spray is used to answer “irritating” statements and questions by inmates, who wish to bring these every day injustices that occur to the administration’s attention.  Sanitation is the poorest, very evident according to documentations of scabies and staph infectious break outs within this facility.  Severance from the outside world is being practiced by prohibiting inmates from viewing any form of outside news, and sometimes prohibited from corresponding with family and others.  Assaults on inmates by officers happen regularly for unprovoked and minor reasons.  Violent actions deter individuals away from seeking the appropriate help so that the transgressions may be remedied.  By this inmates become more prone to violence, which leads them to perform these very same actions in an environment that’s already hostile enough as it is.  The violations stated above are being executed on a daily basis by the administration and factility personel et. al at the G.S.P. facility – and these are definitely not all.

The Tier II program has been implemented and used as a cure to heal the wound, the Georgia Department of Corrections and its facilities have sustained, by way of violence.

Violence that is the end result of the G.D.C. and its facilities administrators’ negligence in matters of security and rehabilitation of inmates.  And taking a look at it from a first person view and personal experience, it possesses no functions that are capable of healing the obvious injury.  Question: How can a cut be mended by applying a band aid with a knife?  This program is operating at the brutal detriment of its occupants.  And will continue to function as such if the GDC proceeds in upholding its hereditary attitude, produced by a system of making and breaking slaves.  It will continue to be an instrument used in the creation of diabolical minded individuals, whose normality is being inhibited and repressed to such an extent that the individual begins to take on the characteristics of the only thing they are allowed to come to terms with: “Chaos” if the GDC fails at destroying this program at once.

The 13th amendment of the US Constitution states that “slavery” is legal and lawful as a punishment for a crime, even though its overall functions are to degrade, deprive, and persecute discriminately.  This formal, modern-day slavery renders an individual civilly dead once he steps foot inside the states necropolis.

The 1865 constitutional conventioners either perfectly understood who’d be the sole subjects of such a mandate, or found a “way” to misunderstand the actual meaning of the term slavery.  I find the latter quite hard to accept, seeing as how some of these same delegates in the north were the same ones to support Lincoln’s “Emancipation Proclamation”.  Basically, it never ended, just became more “modified” for the public’s acceptance.

Slavery, regardless of the time and place, was designed to supplant the natural mind state of a person, with that of one inferior and incapable of acknowledging its inalienable rights by “God” and the state.  it servers the one, subjected to its control, an overwhelming amount of duties, transgressions, and activities that nonetheless keeps the individual delusionized.  His state of mind, due to the operations of this mechanism, is misled and manipulated into believing that he possesses no such thing as a Right and that he must suffer, whole heartedly, anything this imperial entity dictates as a necessity.  Confusion quote naturally overcomes him.  He sees some who do not undergo the same circumstances of life as he does and then sees the others who are exactly in line with his current situation.  The line which seperates superior from inferior has been drawn.  The acceptable and unacceptable are distinguished.  His class is determined via his ethnicity.  The inclination within him to revolt against such happenings of injustice, is repressed by both the superior and the inferior groups.  Machination of the superior equips him with the mentality to cope and agree with any and all actions by the elite.  No matter if its from the better or worst.  Passiveness and acceptance by the inferior, en masse, does nothing but encourages the participation of the present agenda, set out by the superior.  Therefore, influenceing him to suppress his feelings of striking out, in some from, against the mischief.  This suppression causes a staleness of intellect, leaving the individual to maneuver as a automation, void of morale.  Determining what’s right and wrong becomes inexistent, unless it has been previously decided by the ones in power.  He has already been stripped of his identity and rationale, and yet he continues to be oppressed and pushed further from the province of being recognized as a human being.  And these concentrations camps/prison facilities/necropolises are guaranteeing nothing other than the implementation of what’s been stated.

Some may debate that “this” isn’t actual slavery, or a slavery operation, yet when one takes a look at one of the definition we can clearly see why it fits the designation of one.

Slavery (n): Submission to a dominating influence.

Mind you, slavery doesn’t consist of one form and does not exist in one set period in time.  It’s like everything else. it evolves to suit the present or modern times.  In understanding this, we can comprehend why W.E.B. Dubios made the following statement in 1946 “you must remember that this attitude is hereditary from slavery and that it has been deliberately cultivated every since the emancipation”.

Reality has kicked in and survival has placed in some that diabolical mindset to destroy and destruct, because it encountered occurrences which makes its presence necessary to insure the fulfillment of its term.

However, me personally, feel as though it is a waste of time to initiate actions, caused by this mind state, on or against the same ones suffering the same exact violations.  Chaos could be the answer, but only if executed within this acronymic phrase “Continuous Havoc Against the Oppressive State”.

Us as incarcerated slaves must acknowledge that we are all the same in “their” eyes, regardless of ethnicity, and are on the verge of becoming a victim of the genocide being enacted by those who have no use for those who refuse to adhere to the elite’s agenda.


Tron Hill #1191485
Georgia State Prison

United We Stand The Machine Will Fall

May 2 2015

By: LaDarius Colbert a.k.a. Comrade Seer

Division is a virus that plagues the vanguards of our community.  In the Pinn the officers and administrators of oppression despise the righteous movement we are striving to build.  The U.N.A.T.M. (United Nations Against the Machine) is the commencement of peace between the many nations of knowledge, protection, and revolution.  Nations that were formed for various progressive and positive purposes.  The time is now for the generations of our time to stand as guerillas and utilize our militia training learned from the designed terrain of death and poverty for the minority to nearly die in before seeing success.  No longer will we let the injustice system lynch us or our loved ones in their files of Peonage.  The Amerikka injustice system can be described with one word – Murderous.  Hidden behind the entrance doors of the Belly of the Beast (the hole) you see twenty eight cells filled with victims of dehumanization.  Compelled to live in inhumane living quarters without a way of relief from any distressful circumstances that they are subjected to.  The cell doors are nearly sealed on every angel to prevent the prisoners of war from seeing the light of a propitious fate.  The agitation officers control their physical and mental strenth causing the weary victim the succumb to their barbarian instincts.  Scare tactic #1 or their way of “controlling the uncontrollable” is threatening to – or actually – falsifying bad reports on the prisoners’ door sheets.  This will then either send the prisoner to a higher level tier, or set them back to phase one on tier II or III which means at least another agonizing nine months in the torture chamber.  The environment alone is depressing as the dorm and cells may go unsanitized for three months at a time.  The light switch and toilet flush buttons are outside the cells, causing some of the prisoners to hold their waste until someone approaches their cell.  Officers are obliged to do their dorm rounds every fifteen to thirty minutes, yet most officers are deficient when it comes to performing this simple task.  The rebellious, doubtful and ignorant state concerning their self identity developed from this condition of disparagement and maltreatment.

Every day you are reminded that you have no rights.  And as a convict your life is only gratified because of your servitude for the machine.  The hired lackeys are blinded by temporary/delusional protection, authority and privileges that the establishers of the Venal system contain.  Nevertheless, their lives aren’t excluded from the detrimental affects of the Nationwide Institutional Genocide.  Our sisters/Queens are being subjected to secondary opportunities and all forms of rape.  Cursed for their existence, mentally degraded and sometimes physically/verbally subjected to frequent acts of sexual harassment/abuse by their co-workers and/or those they are assigned to oversee.  A child mind being introduced to a man’s world harmed by the empirical experiences of malicious malpractices and self-deprecation.  The blind lackey follows the orders of repression “under the color of law” causing their mind to believe their illegitimate duties are a form of legal punishment.  The final result from this habitual cycle of life is the reformity of a new oppressor.  Spiritually they suffer internal conviction built from their conscious anger.  Compromising with the enemy odious ways that oppose your humanitarian spirit.  Socially we are prohibited to build with a blind lackey and/or each other on a conscious level.  Prime example: my endeavors to reach the righteous ears of the people in society to bring understanding, unity and power to our striggle against the machine, to me it’s the action of a righteous mutineer but the system will label it as an action of treason committed against the United States Corporation.  Some comrades have chosen to finalize their destiny with suicidal death rather than live another day in repression.  Confused from frequent visions of their predicament worsening hope is rarely believed to exist.  Hostility builds in the cell of two making the environment more uncomfortable.  Institutional paranoia develops as the days of sleep lengthens.  Their sleep is deprived by the intentional slamming of the cell windows flaps or the shining high beam light in their face during each count after lockdown.  Your nerves are wrecking and your paranoia causes you to look at everyone as your enemy.  Sanity is losing its grip as your reality becomes harsher by the minute.  Your photos of happiness and future recognition of your life ahead is confiscated along with your letters of encouragement.  Causing the distorted mind of pain to focus on degressive directions.  Their tenacious drive is being fueled by a blood flow of vengance, hatred and rage towards anyone, but mainly towards the baffled minds who are naive to their struggle and only see the trouble.  These reactions of outlashes give the oppressor reason to further their experiment on the disturbed mind with their devastating drugs of slow casualty also known as Mental Health meds.  Meds that increase your paranoia state and decrease your comprehension and logical thinking abilities. Prozac, effexes, Respodal, and the most deadly the Hound Dog.  There are many more but these are the most common used at this institution.  These drugs have side effects that range from total memory loss to disfunctional or impulsive limb movement.  Sometimes the victim goes into a temporary stage of being paralyzed until given another hazardous drug like benadryl to relax the uncontrolling tense muscle.  Medical care is poor as P.PS prescribe the wrong meds for the prisoners’ medical issue or wait until the last minute to attend to their complaint.  In population we’re served meals that are cold, sometimes spoiled and always under the Georgia Prison Meal Calorie Quota which is 2800 for regular dietary.  We have made many attempts to grieve this maladministration and maltreatment on both general levels and to the higher authority but we have yet to receive hardly any rectification.  Majority of my peers and conscious lackeys fear to stand against this injustice due to their knowledge of physical or financial reprisal.  Most victims of this psychological torment snaps and physically transgress against the paper tiger army of empowerment placing himself in a lose, lose situation.  Facing severe consequences such as catching more time, being brutally beaten and then hidden deep withing the Belly of the Beast for an extensive time.  If this cycle of ignorance and discommoding doesn’t end the process of correction and rehabilitation will never begin.  With the numbers of blind and sleeping guerillas growing and conscious martyrs diminishing the battle behind enemy lines will continue to be in their favor.  This brief description of your typical day at Reidsville isn’t for attention but to raise awareness and expose the ulterior motive behind Amerikkka’s industrial system of concentration plantations – capital, control, and coercion of the underprivileged denizens of Amerikkka.  I will admit before my process of self intunement and refinement I indulged in a lot of “barbarian” acts.  This was done for relief (momentarily), attention and used as an anger outlet.  I am speaking from a victim and witness point of view.  Watching my fellow comrades and striving strugglers who work for the machine demoralize themselves just to survive and see another day has pushed by sword through the necks of my internal worries of a future lost by being a demagoger.  I am jeopardizing my change of obtaining early release from a granted new trial that is currently pending for a decision.  I am jeopardizing my privileges to be in general population and having access to helpful sources that will be lost if placed in solitary confinement.  I am jeopardizing my mere life for even walking as a peoples’ guerilla striving to obtain true justice by all means necessary.  From the courts to the Pinn we, the common strugglers, must come as one no matter the race, religion, profession, or belief and resist against our common adversary.  Peace and true justice will no longer be an inspiring saying – it will be our life!  Stand for what is right and fight!

Power to the prisoners of war behind
enemy lines, the conscious strugglers
who work for the machine just to survive
and the wisewomen and men who brought
the light to my eyes.  Today we must unite
and fight if we want to see the atrocious
Machine fall!

Peace and Respect to all
Comrade Seer