United We Stand The Machine Will Fall

May 2 2015

By: LaDarius Colbert a.k.a. Comrade Seer

Division is a virus that plagues the vanguards of our community.  In the Pinn the officers and administrators of oppression despise the righteous movement we are striving to build.  The U.N.A.T.M. (United Nations Against the Machine) is the commencement of peace between the many nations of knowledge, protection, and revolution.  Nations that were formed for various progressive and positive purposes.  The time is now for the generations of our time to stand as guerillas and utilize our militia training learned from the designed terrain of death and poverty for the minority to nearly die in before seeing success.  No longer will we let the injustice system lynch us or our loved ones in their files of Peonage.  The Amerikka injustice system can be described with one word – Murderous.  Hidden behind the entrance doors of the Belly of the Beast (the hole) you see twenty eight cells filled with victims of dehumanization.  Compelled to live in inhumane living quarters without a way of relief from any distressful circumstances that they are subjected to.  The cell doors are nearly sealed on every angel to prevent the prisoners of war from seeing the light of a propitious fate.  The agitation officers control their physical and mental strenth causing the weary victim the succumb to their barbarian instincts.  Scare tactic #1 or their way of “controlling the uncontrollable” is threatening to – or actually – falsifying bad reports on the prisoners’ door sheets.  This will then either send the prisoner to a higher level tier, or set them back to phase one on tier II or III which means at least another agonizing nine months in the torture chamber.  The environment alone is depressing as the dorm and cells may go unsanitized for three months at a time.  The light switch and toilet flush buttons are outside the cells, causing some of the prisoners to hold their waste until someone approaches their cell.  Officers are obliged to do their dorm rounds every fifteen to thirty minutes, yet most officers are deficient when it comes to performing this simple task.  The rebellious, doubtful and ignorant state concerning their self identity developed from this condition of disparagement and maltreatment.

Every day you are reminded that you have no rights.  And as a convict your life is only gratified because of your servitude for the machine.  The hired lackeys are blinded by temporary/delusional protection, authority and privileges that the establishers of the Venal system contain.  Nevertheless, their lives aren’t excluded from the detrimental affects of the Nationwide Institutional Genocide.  Our sisters/Queens are being subjected to secondary opportunities and all forms of rape.  Cursed for their existence, mentally degraded and sometimes physically/verbally subjected to frequent acts of sexual harassment/abuse by their co-workers and/or those they are assigned to oversee.  A child mind being introduced to a man’s world harmed by the empirical experiences of malicious malpractices and self-deprecation.  The blind lackey follows the orders of repression “under the color of law” causing their mind to believe their illegitimate duties are a form of legal punishment.  The final result from this habitual cycle of life is the reformity of a new oppressor.  Spiritually they suffer internal conviction built from their conscious anger.  Compromising with the enemy odious ways that oppose your humanitarian spirit.  Socially we are prohibited to build with a blind lackey and/or each other on a conscious level.  Prime example: my endeavors to reach the righteous ears of the people in society to bring understanding, unity and power to our striggle against the machine, to me it’s the action of a righteous mutineer but the system will label it as an action of treason committed against the United States Corporation.  Some comrades have chosen to finalize their destiny with suicidal death rather than live another day in repression.  Confused from frequent visions of their predicament worsening hope is rarely believed to exist.  Hostility builds in the cell of two making the environment more uncomfortable.  Institutional paranoia develops as the days of sleep lengthens.  Their sleep is deprived by the intentional slamming of the cell windows flaps or the shining high beam light in their face during each count after lockdown.  Your nerves are wrecking and your paranoia causes you to look at everyone as your enemy.  Sanity is losing its grip as your reality becomes harsher by the minute.  Your photos of happiness and future recognition of your life ahead is confiscated along with your letters of encouragement.  Causing the distorted mind of pain to focus on degressive directions.  Their tenacious drive is being fueled by a blood flow of vengance, hatred and rage towards anyone, but mainly towards the baffled minds who are naive to their struggle and only see the trouble.  These reactions of outlashes give the oppressor reason to further their experiment on the disturbed mind with their devastating drugs of slow casualty also known as Mental Health meds.  Meds that increase your paranoia state and decrease your comprehension and logical thinking abilities. Prozac, effexes, Respodal, and the most deadly the Hound Dog.  There are many more but these are the most common used at this institution.  These drugs have side effects that range from total memory loss to disfunctional or impulsive limb movement.  Sometimes the victim goes into a temporary stage of being paralyzed until given another hazardous drug like benadryl to relax the uncontrolling tense muscle.  Medical care is poor as P.PS prescribe the wrong meds for the prisoners’ medical issue or wait until the last minute to attend to their complaint.  In population we’re served meals that are cold, sometimes spoiled and always under the Georgia Prison Meal Calorie Quota which is 2800 for regular dietary.  We have made many attempts to grieve this maladministration and maltreatment on both general levels and to the higher authority but we have yet to receive hardly any rectification.  Majority of my peers and conscious lackeys fear to stand against this injustice due to their knowledge of physical or financial reprisal.  Most victims of this psychological torment snaps and physically transgress against the paper tiger army of empowerment placing himself in a lose, lose situation.  Facing severe consequences such as catching more time, being brutally beaten and then hidden deep withing the Belly of the Beast for an extensive time.  If this cycle of ignorance and discommoding doesn’t end the process of correction and rehabilitation will never begin.  With the numbers of blind and sleeping guerillas growing and conscious martyrs diminishing the battle behind enemy lines will continue to be in their favor.  This brief description of your typical day at Reidsville isn’t for attention but to raise awareness and expose the ulterior motive behind Amerikkka’s industrial system of concentration plantations – capital, control, and coercion of the underprivileged denizens of Amerikkka.  I will admit before my process of self intunement and refinement I indulged in a lot of “barbarian” acts.  This was done for relief (momentarily), attention and used as an anger outlet.  I am speaking from a victim and witness point of view.  Watching my fellow comrades and striving strugglers who work for the machine demoralize themselves just to survive and see another day has pushed by sword through the necks of my internal worries of a future lost by being a demagoger.  I am jeopardizing my change of obtaining early release from a granted new trial that is currently pending for a decision.  I am jeopardizing my privileges to be in general population and having access to helpful sources that will be lost if placed in solitary confinement.  I am jeopardizing my mere life for even walking as a peoples’ guerilla striving to obtain true justice by all means necessary.  From the courts to the Pinn we, the common strugglers, must come as one no matter the race, religion, profession, or belief and resist against our common adversary.  Peace and true justice will no longer be an inspiring saying – it will be our life!  Stand for what is right and fight!

Power to the prisoners of war behind
enemy lines, the conscious strugglers
who work for the machine just to survive
and the wisewomen and men who brought
the light to my eyes.  Today we must unite
and fight if we want to see the atrocious
Machine fall!

Peace and Respect to all
Comrade Seer