Tier Memoir

Draconion would appear to be the perfect word to describe the conditions we, as Tier II (2) program inmates, suffer within the walls of the Georgia State prison facility.  Yet, if one was to apply reason, it may look more like an understatement.  We have been forced physically and mentally to withstand the barbaric nature of our confinement which does nothing outside of dissuading some from fighting against its oppressive grasp.  The toilet buttons have been stripped away from inside the cells and placed without, leaving it up to an officer’s discretion whether or not to relieve an inmate’s cell of the feces that sits in the toilet and reeks within the atmosphere of the “two man cell”.  Medical fails at providing the adequate healthcare services.  Mental health treatment is futile.  This is more than obvious when considering the facilities suicide and sucide attempt rate.  Constantly, all means of “accessing the courts” or law library is being denied, leaving a majority of inmates defenseless in righting the wrongs and correcting the errors of the system.  This causes a chilling effect to spread at a high level and only cushions the massive incaceration rate of the State of Georgia and the United States.  Pepper spray is used to answer “irritating” statements and questions by inmates, who wish to bring these every day injustices that occur to the administration’s attention.  Sanitation is the poorest, very evident according to documentations of scabies and staph infectious break outs within this facility.  Severance from the outside world is being practiced by prohibiting inmates from viewing any form of outside news, and sometimes prohibited from corresponding with family and others.  Assaults on inmates by officers happen regularly for unprovoked and minor reasons.  Violent actions deter individuals away from seeking the appropriate help so that the transgressions may be remedied.  By this inmates become more prone to violence, which leads them to perform these very same actions in an environment that’s already hostile enough as it is.  The violations stated above are being executed on a daily basis by the administration and factility personel et. al at the G.S.P. facility – and these are definitely not all.

The Tier II program has been implemented and used as a cure to heal the wound, the Georgia Department of Corrections and its facilities have sustained, by way of violence.

Violence that is the end result of the G.D.C. and its facilities administrators’ negligence in matters of security and rehabilitation of inmates.  And taking a look at it from a first person view and personal experience, it possesses no functions that are capable of healing the obvious injury.  Question: How can a cut be mended by applying a band aid with a knife?  This program is operating at the brutal detriment of its occupants.  And will continue to function as such if the GDC proceeds in upholding its hereditary attitude, produced by a system of making and breaking slaves.  It will continue to be an instrument used in the creation of diabolical minded individuals, whose normality is being inhibited and repressed to such an extent that the individual begins to take on the characteristics of the only thing they are allowed to come to terms with: “Chaos” if the GDC fails at destroying this program at once.

The 13th amendment of the US Constitution states that “slavery” is legal and lawful as a punishment for a crime, even though its overall functions are to degrade, deprive, and persecute discriminately.  This formal, modern-day slavery renders an individual civilly dead once he steps foot inside the states necropolis.

The 1865 constitutional conventioners either perfectly understood who’d be the sole subjects of such a mandate, or found a “way” to misunderstand the actual meaning of the term slavery.  I find the latter quite hard to accept, seeing as how some of these same delegates in the north were the same ones to support Lincoln’s “Emancipation Proclamation”.  Basically, it never ended, just became more “modified” for the public’s acceptance.

Slavery, regardless of the time and place, was designed to supplant the natural mind state of a person, with that of one inferior and incapable of acknowledging its inalienable rights by “God” and the state.  it servers the one, subjected to its control, an overwhelming amount of duties, transgressions, and activities that nonetheless keeps the individual delusionized.  His state of mind, due to the operations of this mechanism, is misled and manipulated into believing that he possesses no such thing as a Right and that he must suffer, whole heartedly, anything this imperial entity dictates as a necessity.  Confusion quote naturally overcomes him.  He sees some who do not undergo the same circumstances of life as he does and then sees the others who are exactly in line with his current situation.  The line which seperates superior from inferior has been drawn.  The acceptable and unacceptable are distinguished.  His class is determined via his ethnicity.  The inclination within him to revolt against such happenings of injustice, is repressed by both the superior and the inferior groups.  Machination of the superior equips him with the mentality to cope and agree with any and all actions by the elite.  No matter if its from the better or worst.  Passiveness and acceptance by the inferior, en masse, does nothing but encourages the participation of the present agenda, set out by the superior.  Therefore, influenceing him to suppress his feelings of striking out, in some from, against the mischief.  This suppression causes a staleness of intellect, leaving the individual to maneuver as a automation, void of morale.  Determining what’s right and wrong becomes inexistent, unless it has been previously decided by the ones in power.  He has already been stripped of his identity and rationale, and yet he continues to be oppressed and pushed further from the province of being recognized as a human being.  And these concentrations camps/prison facilities/necropolises are guaranteeing nothing other than the implementation of what’s been stated.

Some may debate that “this” isn’t actual slavery, or a slavery operation, yet when one takes a look at one of the definition we can clearly see why it fits the designation of one.

Slavery (n): Submission to a dominating influence.

Mind you, slavery doesn’t consist of one form and does not exist in one set period in time.  It’s like everything else. it evolves to suit the present or modern times.  In understanding this, we can comprehend why W.E.B. Dubios made the following statement in 1946 “you must remember that this attitude is hereditary from slavery and that it has been deliberately cultivated every since the emancipation”.

Reality has kicked in and survival has placed in some that diabolical mindset to destroy and destruct, because it encountered occurrences which makes its presence necessary to insure the fulfillment of its term.

However, me personally, feel as though it is a waste of time to initiate actions, caused by this mind state, on or against the same ones suffering the same exact violations.  Chaos could be the answer, but only if executed within this acronymic phrase “Continuous Havoc Against the Oppressive State”.

Us as incarcerated slaves must acknowledge that we are all the same in “their” eyes, regardless of ethnicity, and are on the verge of becoming a victim of the genocide being enacted by those who have no use for those who refuse to adhere to the elite’s agenda.


Tron Hill #1191485
Georgia State Prison