Georgia State Prison: Major scabies outbreak, neglect and coverup by staff


I’m here at GA State Prison, in a steel coffin, I mean literally baking in this torture chamber at 100 degrees and rising. The ventilation system is non-operational, and the KKKorrections officers are refusing to serve dinner and lunch beverages, or even the mandated ice issue at each meal. We are suffering heat exhaustion, dehydration, and deprivations of all kinds. The food trays have transformed drastically to even less and more missing food items. The sanitation is non-existent and as a result of unsanitary living conditions and practices, there is now a major scabies outbreak here in both general population and admin. Disciplinary administrative segregation. The medical staff has been trying to keep the scabies outbreak covered up by mis-informing infected prisoners that they were only suffering severe skin irritation and itching due to dry skin. Since August of 2014 prisoners have been complaining of severe itching and skin irritation and submitting sick call request about the matter. Well on 6/15/2015 a nurse or PA identified thru labs results that the prisoners were in fact infected with scabies. The KKKamp is suppose to undergo quarantine on a major scale. The laundry and cell sanitation standards are none and there hasn’t been cell clean out given in over 2 months, and the laundry sits days at a time unwashed and thus the cross-contamination is manifested and the infection has spread to about 60% of the KKKamp, [that’s a guesstimated] percentage. Further prisoners are forced to shower daily in uncleaned showers the contamination has spread rapidly. Guess what? The medical staff are treating the white prisoners with difference at to how they are treated and the proper medical care. Black prisoners are told it’s a case of dry skin and given Clonidine for itching yet the scabies is left untreated. At times I feel like I’m in a P.O.W. KKKamp in the heart of Vietnam and all that is in this environment is the dark side to inhumane nature and all its freaky little madness. The warden has sunk to free-picking prisoners and placing them unlawfully on solitary KKKonfinement/Disciplinary Administrative Segregation [Tier Program] in order to keep it operational at GA State Prison. These prisoners are not given any type of due process thus this [Warden/house negroe] walks all over the 14th amendment to the United States Constitution.

Kelvin J. Stevenson #570391
G.S.P-2164 GA Hwy 147
Reidsville, GA. 30499