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The Intellectual Battlefield

When I think of Afro-American race I think of potential. I think of the mentally and physically advanced. We are preeminent in so many forms. We just allow the government to be monopolistic over our culture impeding our incandescent light over society. Mental racial subversion is in effect and the only diversion to the cognizance of modern day suppression. We have blockades thrown our way in many forms. For example we commercialize self denigration and ostentatious behavior as an incumbency to be “cool”, when in reality, we are elaborating a depiction of mental deficiencies and diminutive moral. We are victims of povertization compelling avaricious mindsets to attain everyday life. The answer is in our face, we are just devoid the knowledge required to commence toward mental and physical freedom. Knowledge is power. Knowledge is the essential mean to transgress as a bastion in the upper echelon of society. It is our responsibility to educate our people of the realities of society because the supposed superior will not. Instead, the barriers and deceptions will be placed in our curriculum to create historic amnesia as a way to deter us from acknowledging our post slavery progression. It is absurd that it is considered lawful to coerce the authorization of the government as fiduciaries of our future, when they show flippance towards our human necessities causing barbarious activity amongst our people for financial gain. We are victims of a systemized pattern of entrapment. But until we seek to elongate our knowledge we will remain incorrigible. Seek and you shall find…

Comrade Qaadir
Jordan pack


Expose from Free alabama movement’s facebook January 6.


1)Houses 200 men in semi sound proof isolation cells

2) No means to communicate emergencies to staff [men must scream at top of their lungs or kick on door for several minutes in an attempt to get staff attention ]

3) No cleaning supplies provided to sanitize cells

4) Forced to eat with same spoon for months [some up to 6 months or longer ]

5) No cups provided, many drink from old milk cartons for several months

6) 5 minute showers every other day depended upon staff

7) No access to Law Library

8) Several men assaulted [by staff and other incarcerated men ] while handcuffed behind back

9) Water contaminated

10) Not afforded access to telephone

Poets behind bars: Negro Arabiyyah

Negro Arabiyyah
The War on Terror is starting to look like the war on drugs.
Where America treats Muslims the same way they do thugs.
Where they create a situation to oppress the already down trodden,
And introduce characters like Osama Escobar and Pablo Bin Laden.
So that cocaine and baking soda look like the world trade,
while both were out of reach of former nomads and slaves.
Yet both offered reason for the patriot and Drug Act
and the crackdown in the ghetto mirrored those of Iraq.
One sent to special housing units the other to Guantanamo,
now you tell me the difference between Arab and negro?!.

You’ve seen this before, because before
it was the Arab, it was the thug, then the Mexican,
then communist then the Irish and Italian
Immigrants, then the savage Indian and barbaric
African. America has never known peace.
Ask yourself why???

–By: Bahgeerah

A kingdom distracted by false pretenses will never concentrate on the king. – Black Felix