Poets behind bars: Negro Arabiyyah

Negro Arabiyyah
The War on Terror is starting to look like the war on drugs.
Where America treats Muslims the same way they do thugs.
Where they create a situation to oppress the already down trodden,
And introduce characters like Osama Escobar and Pablo Bin Laden.
So that cocaine and baking soda look like the world trade,
while both were out of reach of former nomads and slaves.
Yet both offered reason for the patriot and Drug Act
and the crackdown in the ghetto mirrored those of Iraq.
One sent to special housing units the other to Guantanamo,
now you tell me the difference between Arab and negro?!.

You’ve seen this before, because before
it was the Arab, it was the thug, then the Mexican,
then communist then the Irish and Italian
Immigrants, then the savage Indian and barbaric
African. America has never known peace.
Ask yourself why???

–By: Bahgeerah

A kingdom distracted by false pretenses will never concentrate on the king. – Black Felix