Doing decades: felony murder for a pot deal

Hello, my name is Preston Whiting, though most people call me Bahgeerah. Anyone familiar with Rudyard Kipling knows the name. I’ve written this in hopes you will lend ear. I’ve grown so much in prison this letter nearly feels like a hipocrisy. This place damn near took my all, yet it was the rock-bottom I needed to propel me forward. My heart will not allow me to sit here and tell you I’m completely innocent because I’m not. I’ve made mistakes in my life but the one thing I haven’t done is murder anyone.

In 2008 I was accused of felony murder with the felony being conspiracy to violate the Georgia Substance Act by distribution of marijuana. Cobb County alleged I did this by purchase or steal/theft of said marijuana. Even though purchase and distribute are two completely separate crimes, as the former is a misdemeanor if under an ounce and the latter requires possession which means I can’t do both at the same time. And is not steal/theft the lesser form of the armed robbery I was found not guilty of? In order to cover their misdoings with the murder charge I was found guilty of an aggravated assault in which the victim said I didn’t shoot him. They also did the same with a possession of a weapon even though their own detective testified he didn’t believe I had a gun. But with both the fact that I was driving the car and was near the person who had the gun made me guilty. I know this sounds like a John Grisham novel and I’m not asking you to believe me off bat. Please look into my Truth. Look into how after I spoke the truth it fell on deaf ears. Look and you will see how I argued with a person before and after he shot someone about the stupidity of their actions. How I damn near broke my neck running when I heard the gunshot. that day was a series of unfortunate events that I, literally, could do nothing but watch. So please investigate yourself and once you discover it I ask only that you do what God puts in your heart.

Since the 2012 hunger strike my new trial motion was denied as was my appeal but the judgment orders and both were completely contrary to each other and the blind accusations in which the indictment that never really accuse me of specifically doing anything. Without the God, family, and close friends I would not have made these seven and a half years. I can’t do twenty or thirty years waiting on justice, people die in here. This is the type of case that gets swept under the rug, but I am not a prime candidate for all this talk on drug reform. I got a murder charge based on the fact that I wanted to buy some weed, half an ounce. I’m sorry that a man died that day but the only one I owed an apology to was that man’s mother. I did and she accepted. I could not control the actions of virtual strangers. Every person, that day, I met either that day or the day before except one who I met a week and a half earlier. I wasn’t built for that life, I’m not built for this life, and I can’t change the past. When that man died a piece of me died with him. And if his mom is reading this again, I’m sorry, but know your son didn’t die in vain. All the struggles I went through that spawned from his death helped me become human and every person I’ve helped along the way is because of your son.
– Thank you.