Dispatch from Donaldson Corr. Facility (Bessemer, AL)

This post is an excerpt from a letter sent by a rebellious prisoner at Donaldson Correctional Facility in Bessemer, Alabama. His name and other sensitive information has been ommitted from the following write up.


February, 25, 2016

…Dealing with the same ol’ same ol’. Still in closed custody, but I’m taking some delight in the convenience of being allowed in to remain in the same cell for an extended period of time. Normally the administration is constantly moving individuals in closed custody, from cell to cell. More on that later.

You’re right mane, it is some bullshit they don’t allow us to have books in segregation. Donaldson is the only facility in the state that has that policy. This is the only facility that practices many of the policies they have created. Camps are supposed to function by the rules outlined in the ADOC Administrative Regulations, but Donaldson disregards that all together. They have their own set of rules and policies which they change, bend, break and write as they go. No exaggeration what so ever. For example, according to the ADOC Administrative Regulations code 403 which governs the process of disciplinary citations and what not, I clearly should not be in segretation. There are ten “working days” allowed to the administration ot present your case before a “hearing officer” from the exact time that you are served with the citation. Any minute longer and it is considered a due process violation where the write up is to be disconnected and the inmate released from segregation back into general population.

Every facility takes great measure to meet the requirements for due process except here. I informed the warden over the segregation unit at one weekly Seg’ review board” that the time fo due process on my disciplinary had expired and when could I expect to be released from segregation. Herself along with many of the dozen or so staff members on the Review Board burst into laughter as if I was a stand up comedian or something. The joke was really on me. When she regained her composure she stated to me. “There is no due process in my lock up. If the time truly has expired you can rest assured that your citation will be ‘re-initiated’”… Sure as shit stinks thats exactly what they did about two weeks after. But I later found out there are guys here who have been served write ups for things which took place months prior to them being served and yet the administration files it with ADOC Central Records as if everything was done by the book. Blatant corruptions and obstruction of justice. Representative of state and government agencies as a whole if you ask me.

What can we do about it. Complain to the Central Records department? Many individuals do this and if their claims are legitimate the ruling will be overturned, but it takes over a year sometimes years to get Central Records to complete that process. The administration knows that, and they figure by the time Central Records gets around to investigating and what not you will have served all of the time they gave you anyway. This allows the administration the freedom to administer whatever amount of tyranny they desire with impunity.

There are many guys like myself who have recently been transferred here from camps where there is constant rebellion and militant resistance to the oppressive tactics those administrations tried to implement. We have witnessed that through collective resistance we can force prison officials to conform to our demands. We have no desire to appeal to the state to correct itself. Where they do that?!?…

…I can get zines [as long as they aren’t stapled and/or containing pornographic images]. At one point the adminstration was rejecting zine packages I was receiving from comrades, but that’s only because the package were being mistaken for containing books. They wouldn’t even open it; just send me a notice that they were rejecting the package because I can’t get books in seg. I wrote a letter when one of these notices had the return address of a company that had been sending me zines before I came to segregation. They started opening them and making sure that it wasn’t a book instead of just rejecting the package because it appeared to contain a book. Sounds so logical you would wonder why they weren’t doing it in the first place SMH.

-A prisoner at Donaldson Correctional Facility