Poetry from the inside: “Spoiled” by Bahgeerah

by Bagheera

I fear us niggas have grown spoiled.

Somehow thinking we’re entitled for the way our parents toiled

As if their suffering could be overlooked by a donkey and some soil

like these run down houses with electrically surging coils.

See how we throw away the water after the hot dogs come to boil

or those scraps left on the plate we feed to the sink’s shrieking gargoyle

that is unless we stick it in the fridge all wrapped up in foil

Only to remember when the smell makes our mucous membranes broil.

Man, we used to use lard for lotion now it’s fancy cocoa butter oil.

We went from sack cloth to master’s suits and couldn’t help but feel royal,

yet we still suffer at the hands we hold to as loyal.

Now ain’t nothing wrong with advancement but if you got angrier about the Oscars than when they shot and killed Oscar…

Then nigga you SPOILED!!!