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DOC Officials Threaten Stabbing Victim To Cover Up Negligence

On the date of June 21st 2016, at approximately 8:15 a.m., a inmate at the Georgia Diagnostic State Prison/Special Management Unit of Jackson Ga.; Cedric Newton GDC #1218943, was assaulted and stabbed by an inmate with a hand made knife, while being escorted to the L-F-Wing recreation (yard call) area, by Officer North and Officer May. Inmate Cedric Newton, whom was in handcuffs to his back, and leg shackles, was very helpless, and could only pray for his life that the inmate didn’t take his life. Especially being that both officers ran and left him to be stabbed by the madman inmate.

This incident wasn’t supposed to even take place, being that the (SMU) prison is “SUPPOSED” to be the most high Maximum Security Prison out of Georgia; which no inmates are supposed to have any contact with each other. This is a “MAJOR” security violation, now the deputy Warden of security Mrs. June Bishop are trying to keep this issue underneath the rug; along with the support of her assistances to her crime; which is Deputy Warden of administration Mr. William Powell; Captain Williams; Sergeant Michael Nopel; Co II North; CO II May;and Nurse Mary Gore and Dr. Burnside whose trying to hide the medical records of the incident.

Now mr. Cedric Newton is living in deep dark fear, being that the administrative staffs are forcing the officials to retaliate against him. Which Deputy Warden of security Mrs. June Bishop has even threaten the prisoner’s life that if she get in trouble behind this incident, that he would be a dead man, and that Mr. Cedric Newton, would not know where it’s going to come from. Warden of security mrs. June Bishop, has even commented, that she wished that the inmate would have killed him; that way he wouldn’t live to tell anyone what happen.

The incident has even been brought to prison director’s Mrs. Davis, whom are also playing part of cover-up, and has made her comment, that she doesn’t talk to inmates: Why must a man have to be a victim by the prisoner’s, and the prison officials? Oppressors and their corruptions on the move! And there has been numerous of incidents that has been covered up by “Black-hearted” administrative staffs. Such as inmates being beaten while in handcuffs; officials trying to poison the prisoners; sexual harassments and sexual assaults; nurses stealing money from prisoner’s accounts; denial of access to the law library, etc. Which the actions toward the prisoners at the (SMU), really makes a person, want to stop and think, of whose really the criminals in this?

The administrative staff, and prison director Mrs. Davis, are working together to enslave the minds of the prisoners under their mass-incarceration movement, within the new (Tier) program that they have, that’s being illegally ran “Illegally”. And in this program, for each phase, a inmate are supposed to move up into the next phase every 90 days, according to the inmates Behavior. Which most of the prisoners has been in one place for one to two years, without any disciplinary records (write-ups). And honestly, there hasn’t been a transfer from the (SMU) in two and a half years. And they’re refusing to transfer any prisoner’s from (SMU) back to General population. This is in face, a crime within itself; kidnapping, mentally abuse; torturing, etcetera. Which being locked down 23 hours a day, a sometimes 24, are making the prisoners frustrated, to the point, that the administrative are recreating monsters, instead of rehabilitating the minds of the prisoners. This is more like the practice of the Willie Lynch enslavement.

And if the (Tier) program would have been ran as supposed to be ran. No inmates frustration wouldn’t of carried the toil of a ambush animal, to harm mr. Cedric Newton. Now this inmate mr. Newton, has to live in fear, and suffer in nightmares from being mentally tilted, from the stabbing and being victimized by the administrative staffs threats.

P.O.O.R. = Passing Over Opportunity Repeatedly

P.O.O.R. = Passing Over Opportunity Repeatedly
By: “FreeRay”
Where: Valdosta State Prison/Lockdown Tier II Dorm

I am a victim of this KKKorrections Department. “Like criminals they lock us in cages, some niggas some stars once you put them on stages.”
How can that be? When our rights are violated on a daily basis. The trick to wear down the man mind, by making him think that it’s cool to be mistreated or disrespected by staff. It’s cool to not write a grievance to inform someone of the abuse. The key to wearing down one’s mental state, you must first make one feel less of a man by taking away our food!! Mail and pictures. Denying a man to go to a Rec Pen/yard to relieve himself of stress. To put ignorant inmates around to always create commotion and confusion. While staff is only here for short periods of time, an inmate is stuck to deal with horrified reality. Courage motivates me to stand up and believe in myself to endure this hardship. Some would say is a mental warfare and only the strong survive. How much can one man really handle? And who made the KKKorrections Department a judge on how much mental anguish one must accept in order to be deemed a contender in the mental Championship Warfare League? They would consider me a rebellious negro because when it was their turn to fuck me I didn’t take the penetration smoothly, I wiggled and tried to fight back which caused them an upset in their regular fucking. Every time an opportunity comes available one must have strength to muster on. Why stop and pretend to play dead? When one can continue running to find hope and freedom. It’s better to die on your feet than to live on your knees, means why settle for the normal or what they call normal when I can wander free. We must all use our inner self and realize the way we view things, do things are called habits or patterns. It was a norm way back when to accept the things one wouldn’t change. With 2020 approaching we must stop this Poor way of thinking, Poor way of doing things, Poor way of living we must stand for ourselves. We must aid and assist our brothers and sisters. We must understand that we didn’t ask to be here, but since we are, we should make the stay comfortable. Why settle for less? Why not achieve more? The sky’s the limit and that’s a true statement. In this Urban Jungle there is always another jungle out there, another set of grass that we have not stepped on or partaking of it’s fruits. No more habitual living. No more habitual way of thinking. Shoot for the stars and if failed you still land amongst the clouds. Be on the lookout for my ROOT Recollecting Our Own True selves thesis.

Written by FreeRay Jun 1 2016 at 1:30 p.m.

“You can look me in my eyes and try to feel my pain.”
“A negro sold his soul for a pat on the back from the plantation owner.”

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