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The Black Abomination: writings from Valdosta Prison

written by a young Black anarchist: JaCorie Hinton

The Black Abomination

I the Black Race am my own enemy, for years I have brought corruption and destruction amongst my own people. Killing, stabbing, beating and abusing my own kind with the same structural image as my self Black hair, brown eyes, chocolate or caramel colored skin. Installing this illiterate and destructive behavior in our kids making this a continuous cycle embedded in my Black society like a genetic disorder. Causing the prisons to overflow with the majority of my Black people and the streets to be a place unsafe to the Black community and a war zone to the Black uneducated beings lost to jealousy, lust, envy, and greed. Making it easy to be recruited for the growing prison systems steady flow of my Black bretheren who then become lost in the White Man’s system. We are the Black Abomination a plague, sickness, a disease to our own race. We are our very own geneside and manufacturer of our own Extinction. And until we can overcome these manipulative and destructive living conditions we will always be the minority of the human existence. We are hated as a whole by Amerika and in the rest of the world, and looked upon as the Black Abomination we are are own enemy but I am still proud to say I am Black. Teach and protect our race so one day our race will live on Black Lives Matter

When Will We Come Together?

By Paul Maynor

Valdosta State Prison

As I sit in this 8×10 cell and watch spiders and ants kill and fight their own over food, I see no difference in us. Prisoners are in the same boat. As I listen to brothers kick on doors, cause harm to cellmates, argue with one another about what he had or what they were doing in society, I wonder to myself do they really know what’s going on around them? Behind these terrible walls, or their loved ones in society? Can we really call it society which means “people working together for a common purpose, companionship”? I rather use “sick world”! I just try to make sense of it all. When will we come together?

I often question – well, I won’t use “question”. I often build with the ones who are blind to what’s obvious (the prisoners). Is it really about African Americans, Hispanics, Caucasians or any other race? Or is it about the rich on one side and the poor on the other? We all are getting oppressed no matter out racial complexion. So again I ask: When will we come together?

Prison guards, a.k.a. “The Devils”, make unnecessary noises at crazy hours when they know prisoners are asleep. They shakes us down, take what they want, tear our cells up. Dogs dumping on our belongings, no new mattress, sheets, blankets or none of that, and we’re left to clean up what they’ve torn up. Only to round us up and take our anger out on each other. But yet we let them walk right out the same way they came in, untouched or unharmed with all our belongings. But when another prisoner does the same thing, and takes something from you, you’ll get it back and cause harm, maybe even be ready to catch a murder charge about it. What’s the different? I still wonder: When will we come together?

Unity is the key to everything, or am I the only one who knows that? When you have unity, you’re a threat. But why, what’s to be afraid of? We’re only coming together. I just wish and wonder, when will we come together? KKKops are killing and brutally harming individuals because of their own reasons. It’s not the rich, it’s only the poor whose getting enslaved. And yet they’re walking free, with no charges at all. But the poor kills someone, you’re “guilty until proven innocent”. The poor kills a KKKop, you’re sentenced to death. But what’s the difference? They’re both human lives. When will we come together?

We see KKKorrectional Officers slamming another prisoner’s head to the concrete. They (KKKorrectional Officers) tell us to face the fence. And what do we do? You wouldn’t have guessed in a million years: we face the fence. But you see a prisoner doing the same thing, you aid and assist the prisoner then. Why won’t you help him when he’s being oppressed? But you’d rather leave him/her to fight an army by themselves. When will we come together?

We watch another prisoner get slaughtered like a pig in a butcher’s shop. Officers take hours to get there, jogging or walking to the action, while someone’s life is on the line. And yet, an officer gets punched in the face, every other officer on duty runs to the action in a matter of seconds with no questions asked, beats you and hog ties you like a pig, and takes you to the hole and beats you again. Someone gets injured in a poor neighborhood, an ambulance takes forever to get there. But some of the same actions take place in a wealthy neighborhood, and they get there in record-breaking time. When will we come together?

Only difference between male prisoners and female prisoners are the sex types. We both go through the same thing, we’re being oppressed. Black lives aren’t the only lives that matter, all lives matter. I just don’t understand it, we will war against each other who feels as if they deserve respect, but we won’t war against the oppression, who clearly disrespects, along with destroys us mentally and physically. When will we stand up? When will we come together?

How can you say “In God We Trust” and believe in god and turn right around and do devilish things to god’s children? Is it because we sinned? Does that make them better than us? No! God said himself that no one is sin-free. Still I wonder: When will we come together?

If you’ve seen “Planet of the Apes” (not the old one but the one they brought back out), it’s showing you the same exact thing we’re going through today. Only difference is that they used unity and some even sacrificed themselves. We did not, and still to this day we still are not in no type of unity. They stood up for what they thought and believed, what was right, which was freedom. Free from being oppressed. It’s a message that a lot of people around the world missed. They were against each other at first, then Ceasar brought everybody together and explained in a way they could understand what “unity” was, and in the end they were at peace, mentally and physically. Still the billion dollar question that I have heard no answer to, but yet a bunch of negative people say we can’t do it, or it won’t work, but no one has taken the initiative to even try to do what so many oppressors are threatened by – and that is unity. When will we come together?

Question for the people: why is the lowest amount of money you can’t spend nowhere brown, and no other color? You think slavery has really been abolished, huh? IT’S TIME WE CAME TOGETHER. Fight for what’s right!

Last Stop Valdosta State Prison

My name is Aron Rexhepi. I’m writing this story based on facts. Valdosta State Prison is mistreating inmates like myself and has shown deliberate indifference to medical needs.

On Feb 26, 2016 I was brought to VSP from Georgia State Prison, Tier 2 program. On March 15, 2016 I placed a sick call to see a dentist. Due to my gums and tooth was cutting into my gums and bleeding. By March 25, I still did see no one. And my face started to deform due to bleeding and swollen gums from my tooth cutting in to my jaw bone.

On 5/12/16 I wrote a warden to seek some type of help. After, no response from the so-called warden. I placed an emergency grievance on 5/18/16, however there was also no response to that. As I was sitting in K-1 lockdown unit Tier 2 program, I began hitting the door yelling for help, crying. Finally after 35 to 45 minutes of nothing but kicking the door, a sgt comes to me and he began hitting my door, saying “You like this? You like this?” After 9 min of his foolishness, he seen me crying and said “What’s going on?” like he sees nothing wrong with my face. I tell him that I’m in need of a dentist doctor, and that my face is swollen and that I could not eat or sleep, and that I have placed 3 sick calls and no one has come to see about me. He then states “Well big guy, VSP does not have a dentist” like I was asking him are they hiring or in need of a dentist as a worker. He then also said “You’re not doing to die, it’s just a little pain with some swelling. And if you keep hitting this door, I’m going to phase you back and make you do 9 more months in Tier 2.”

I then began to write Ms. Woods, a dept warden of care and treatment, on 5/5/16 and 5/26/16. Still no response. I then wrote Warden Mariy S Allen for the 3rd time. This time I was pleading with him in my request, asking him to take me to a prison with right medical/dental care. Still no response.

On June 6, 2016 I was seen by a dentist at VSP after waiting for 4 months of nothing but pain. Ms Dr. Crawford stated “How long you been like this?” talking about my face. I stated “For months”. She then did an x-ray and said “I got to do what’s called an emergency surgery”. The surgery took her 2 hours. She said “If you would have waited 1 more month you might have lost all your back teeth!”

Also just 3 weeks before I was seen by Dr. Crawford, an LPN saw me and tols me “Damn, who hit you?” I told her “No one hit me, it’s my back tooth”. Then she states to the officer “It’s not his tooth, he’s lying. And if it is his teeth, he’s out of luck. We don’t even have a dentist.”

Just after the surgery on June 10th, 2016, I saw Ms Dr. Crawford again. This time I asked her why I was talking funny and why my tongue was numb and why my speech has changed. She stated “I might have damaged some nerves. But I still need to do a 2nd surgery.” I then told her “Ms. Crawford, you must not have slept last night, or must have bumped your head real hard on something” looking at her with a crazy look. She then stated “It won’t hurt, and it will take only 15 minutes.” I stated “No thank you, I’m okay…”

The grievance dated 5/18/16 was responded to on Jun 26, 2016 only to state by mr. Allen that at the time, VSP was without a dentist, however you were seen 10 times by medical, you could have addressed this issue at any time.

It is crazy how people in prison get mistreated. Inmates are hopeless and must kill themselves when inmates don’t get the right mental health or medical care. And it’s sad how a human treats another human like a dog. As and inmate, I always ask myself “Damn, am I going to Hell for all the wrong I did?” But some times say to myself “No, I’m not. I have been judged my a human, to be placed in a place where it’s like Hell.” Then also ask myself where are prison workers that were in prison? Where are they going it’s got to be a worse place for them.

Fight with the pen, and force when needed

Peace to all those reading. and those who endure this constant battle of daily oppression while locked down on this Tier II program in this state of Georgia prison system. It’s hard to maintain a sane mind where insane men will sometimes drive sane men insane. We must remain strong and strive together as a whole. The system is very afraid of our unity so they’ll do nearly anything to keep us divided and blind to the fact of the matter. I stand beside those few brothas who I identify as the last of the Dying Breed. I support the men that took the stand on Sept 9 and I respect those like me brotha Jarvis Booker who has been a role model and a constant guide of light for me to see that we all are fighting the same battle. That my anger shouldn’t be directed to the next man in a white jumpsuit for he too is being oppressed by the same wicked system. How to fight with the pen, and force when needed. This brotha is one of the last of our breed. I give Trouble D much respect for taking this stand on Sept 9. Peace to all those that took their stand. I want to share these spoken words that I named the last of a Dying Breed.
Bear with me as I try not to be harsh as the truth that is cuttin deeply to my roots of uncompromising justice. I will remain solid, not moving a bit as I try to be heard by deafstruck ears. It feels as if I’ve made a private covenant with the angels of death in the arrangement of my soul to rot in Hell. As I live in a place and time that tries men souls I will remain strong not retreating a single inch as I battle this 5 headed monster. “No more oppression!” I scream as I grow mentally physically weak as the rain of blows come rapidly. My voice grows weaker with each scream. I wonder if I am being heard never giving up. I refuse to surrender. I am one of many warriors losing this constant battle against this majorly wicked system. The walls scream from the pain of the men that tried but failed before me. So my fellow brothas join arms with me not against me. We’ll be heard some day. until then I battle this beast head on alongside of the last of the dying breed.

By Don Rosco

Valdosta State Prison