The Mind of a Tortured Soul

Written by: Jacorie M. Hinton Sr. AKA Trigga 1000  
At Valdosta State Prison on Tier 2 program  
Dedicated to the  person who put me on point when we was at Reidsville Georgia State Prison (Ladarius Colbert AKA Koby AKA Seer) 
(Micheal E. Taylor AKA Champ) 
Being locked in a Cell 24 hours a day 7 days a week you have at that point so much time to think of your next move that whatever route you choose has to work. I’ve thought of so many options, but being on here didn’t rehabilitate me it only made me worst. Look at all the torture we endured this past year. I’ve had officers buck on feeding me and my roommate. I done been assaulted by officers verbally and physical. I have been to war with the police so many times I’ve lost count. If it wasn’t for brother Kelevin (KJ) Stevenson and Arthor Desmond Thomas I’d be in K-building on Phase 1. KJ taught me how to fight with a pen and I actually won after all the fights and going to war with the police. They thought I was dumb and uneducated and couldn’t use a pen LOL I showed them. But back to my options. I couldn’t come up with too many but the one option that always stuck with me was Revenge! I’m already a violent individual being locked up for kidnapping with bodily injury, the thought of Revenge fits easily with my character. And the so-called Rehabilitation Center they call the prison AKA The Chain Gang didn’t rehabilitate me, it’s only multiplying my violence and anger. My question is they do it to me so why not torture them back? I’m telling you this because I want you to see how the so-called rehabilitation centers have rehabilitated me so you can ask yourself this one important question: How many of the thousands of people locked up in the prison system have the same train of thought, how many feel the same way that I feel and how many of thousands are going to be released with the same built-up anger and how many are going to actually seek out revenge! Ask yourself how would you feel if you were a slave for 10 years then released like it never happened? All the bodies you’ve seen all the murders you’ve witnessed, not by inmates but officers! Then all of it swept under the rug like it never even took place! I look at all of the ones that are on the mental health shot
They’re mindless zombies trained to obey one person or image rather than think freely. They want all of us on meds so we won’t stick together and fight against them. I learned that by easily paying attention of my of my surroundings and you can see the damage that has already been done but me being mistreated like I don’t matter or like I’m an animal has stained my heart for Revenge. I seek any way to destroy this system I’m in but I lack the strength in individuals who heart is stained like mines. I’m not going to lay down and I hope you won’t either. But I’m alone, not many people will stand up with me and that will make me an easy defeat. So I lay in total darkness recruiting Soldiers with the same stained heart like mine and when I’m strong enough all hell is going to break loose and my enemy is the prison system that enslaves me. I am Nate Turner with a heart of cole and this is my Revenge! The mind of a Tortured Soul Trigga 1000. You can contact me at Valdosta State Prison P.O. Box 310 Valdosta, GA 31603. My name Jacorie M. Hinton Sr. GDC 1268264. That’s the address. Much Respect and Loyalty