Resistance and the Inner Fight

May the most high shine strength and thy willingness upon us all.
Greetings Family,

It’s me, this guy of the Movement, “Brotha Hest”!  Former known to many of my folks as G-White. ATL-kas white boy from Simpson Rd.

I’m tapping in every way I possibly can to expand our knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of resistance, which is the act or an instance of resisting.
Resist – 1) to strive to fend off or offset the actions, effects, or force of.
2) to remain firm against the actions, effects, or force of; withstand.
3) to keep from giving in to… or enjoying.

Though I grew up in a organization since the age of 14, misguidance and the lack of knowledge for the teachings left me as a organized gang banger without the organ. Upon awakening, after juvenile – prison – stabbings​ – officer beatings​ – killing – drug abusing – etc., it became apparent to me that the enemy is inside of my illiteracy. Yes, I could read and write on the basis of basic communication practices. But every level of comprehension and expression on the basis of spirituality and individuality, Fam I was as dumb as a boot-string.

After doing over 8 years at Wheeler, Macon St., Calhoun, Augusta, Smith, and Telfair, then being released… I went out with what I came in with… Spiritually dead and individually unknown.

A year later I shot another black brother in the back of the head and I rushed right back up in here with a mandatory 30 year life, plus!

So I can’t come and tell you what to do, how to do it, or who to do it with. My only hope is to reveal my ignorance, illiteracy, complacency and apathetic ways. In doing so it may pass on the courage required to resist the Enemy Inside us that withs every excuse in the world sound tough, hard, and Gangsta! Those of us who are truly Awakening have a consistency and persistent in their manner of acknowledging the true fight that spills willingness, service and cooperation into all other battles and wars, and this the inner fight. When we stand firmly upon our principles inwardly the warriors amass outwardly, and we finally know what it is to struggle as 1 mind, body, and soul force… In love & service

Mr. PEACE at Hay’s SP