Autry prisoners face solitary, transfer, charges in retaliation for peaceful sit-down strike

Written by a fellow inmate:

It is a constant struggle in the modernized slavery plantation with a sedulous state of divine consciousness. Slavery and involuntary servitude is legalized under the 13th Amendment and contrary to it the universal Declaration of Human Rights completely abolish all forms of slavery, servitude, and the harsh infliction of cruel and unusual punishments. I am of the efficient and proficient state of Divine Element and I am to project positive energy into the atmosphere. I am delighted to receive your newsletter last week. I have noticed that no one spoke / wrote about Georgia’s peaceful refusal to be modernized slaves or involuntary servitude. At the appropriate time a mass movement of resistance comrades at Autry State Prison sat down stood up for their rights to refuse being slaves and forced involuntary servitude under the 13th Amendment. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights completely obliterate / abolish all forms of slavery, servitude and the harsh inflictions of cruel and unusual punishment.

These brothers definitely deserve to have Black Power Fists and salutes as Warriors in a righteous cause. I have not heard or read anything about them anywhere. Why not? I encountered several of them at Hancock State Prison after they was maliciously and sadistically victims of vindictive retaliation acts by prison officials. They was deprived of the due process rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights equal protection of the law.

Power Fist and salutes goes out to the brothers who stood in this for a righteous cause in our ongoing struggles against slavery, involuntary servitude and the harsh inflictions of cruel and unusual punishments in the forms of Prisons. The brothers need to know the sacrifices are appreciated and they need to be recognized and fully acknowledged in our efforts to stop / terminate the slavery of black people and people of color.

They was transferred from Autry State Prison to Hancock and placed in the Tier II program administration segregation [solitary confinement and deprivation of all property — ed.]. Many fabricated charges was vindictively brought against them and they did not receive fair hearings. It is all malfeasance and misfeasance against them for courageously opposing the established government of white supremacy.

Continue to fight to win in our mutual struggle. Be safe and take care.


Divine El Supreme

[If you or someone you know has participated in or face retaliation for protest or strike activity, please let Insight know. –ed.]