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the strong rule the weak but the wise rule all: Martial law and coronavirus

qouted by the decease soulja George jackson: peace and greetings to my brothers behind the walls. the conditions of the coronavirus is getting serious and our place of confinement are well under the standards of sanitation to take this matter as a nonserious hazard. with our backs against the wall and the nature of this situation being a Just US case the unnecessary violence needs to cease my brothers. like the streets we are being killed off by our ignorance and through such process the family, friends, and asssociates left in society are vunerable and now must try their best to fend for themselves. they are too distracted to realize the systematic hands that push the depopuation agenda and where there is disorder an substantial order is established….the new world order, for those who cannot see the blind truth let me bring this to your attention. the law of necessity is in effect. martial law has been enacted every since the reconstruction era and the internal declaration of wars upon the social crisis such as poverty, crime, drugs, and gang violence. the levels has enhanced and now civil powers are over powered by the military powers of our established authoritarian. as the violence continues at the prisons with the national emergency also in place the institutional system increases the intensity of its response to violent erruption. military apparatus is now being equipped to our superiors and their subordinates and the power struck pigs become more intolerant of humane treatment. the prison will soon be concentration camps and as you can see state wide we are slowly being force to run our domain by the code of our customs. however, the question is will we continue to be damned by our ppl as well as ourselves due to the man who claims he rule the weak but he himself is being rule by the wise who realize he is weak by his own ignorance? openĀ  your eyes my brothers no matter what others state life will be we still have the power to mold our own destiny. peace and encouragement to all of the blaqmans around he state and the ppl of society who are enraptured in this life of war……in due time perserverance will prevail failure….