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rebels without a cause

when you look at the formation and direction of today’s social groups/gangs you can’t but help but ask what is their purpose? i use to bang under the gangster concept until i was enlighten by a vision of Growth and Development. this set me on a path to rse above my illiteracy level and evevntually become one with my inner God. like all sturctures of sociality there are levels to every establishments and as i continue to build i geuss you can say i have exceeded the average professor in which stands on the same square as i do. i recognize the fault first being lost in true perception and the ethics being molded by customs in which are contrary to its infra-principles. the roots of your struggle set forth the direction in which the tree shall grow and determine what fruits may bloom. 
now depending on the gardener or the head; the planted seed will sprout either in contention or with ease. the ground represents your history and what essential elements are your structure composed of. is it disloyalty, misguidance, and materiality or is it morality, empowerment, and general stability? the former option can be seen as the conditions of ignitiation because nowadays the foundation is not treated as an equal to the peak but it is rather used as a benefit to support the peak without proper nourishment. without notice it is weak by default and irresponsibility of the heads. and we wonder why when the federal storm hits our trees of strength are taken with ease?  its uprooted and a house stand against itself cannot stand at all. when you move in an unit without a sense of direction/cause the body tends to clash because of disorganizatio/conflicts of interests. then upon oneself the body iis itself against the governing rules and policy. factionalism is applied and there goes unity. there goes love and sub-cultures divide the nations into common differences. this is the destruction of our potential community grass root orgs that have now turned into gangs of damnation. leaders- righteous ones- do not neglect your duty to enlighten and unify those of common understanding. resist being a rebel without cause 

July 31 – NC Hunger Strike Begins!

This hunger strike is due to begin July 31, 2019 within the solitary unit at Scotland Correctional Institution in Laurinburg, NC.

Let Day One be a day of inside-outside solidarity! 

July 31 - Hunger Strike Begins in North Carolina, fist holding phone

Friday July 31
8am EST – allllll dayyyyy longgg

Requests for notaries necessary for legal actions and grievances against conditions at this razor-wire plantation are being consistently ignored. Many of these grievances are against Scotland denying those held captive in solitary confinement of their recreation time. Scotland’s staff will simply claim that recreation is “canceled”. NCDOC’s own Policy and Procedures (Chapter C, Section .1206 (B)) guarantees that those on “restrictive housing” (solitary confinement) shall be allowed to recreation outside of the cell five days a week for one hour a day. Scotland is violating their own policies and causing severe harm to all those  forced to be confined to a small cell 24/7.

Furthermore, Scotland’s so-called medical staff conducts what are called “seg checks” at 1am-2am every night when everyone is asleep. This seg check involves banging on everyone’s window disrupting their sleep and startling them. Sleep deprivation is widely recognized as a method of torture.

Call (910) 844-3078 and ask to speak to Captain Henderson and Superintendent Katie Poole

Record calls if possible. Leave long messages on voicemails. Call multiple times and disrupt their operations. Remember that denial and obstruction are standard operating procedures for them.

Report any and all info received to

Suggested call script:

“Hi my name is ________, The world is watching and is in support of the hunger strikers there at Scotland Correctional Institution. We are well aware of your violations in denying them a legal notary and throwing out their grievances. Multiple grievances have been made against your “cancellations” of recreation in spite of your Policy and Procedures manual stating that those on restrictive housing shall be allowed to rec outside of the cell for five days out of the week for one hour a day. Many humanitarian organizations have been informed on Scotland Correctional Institution’s violations that directly torture those you confine to a cell 24/7. 

We have also been informed that Scotland’s so-called medical staff has been conducting “seg checks” at unreasonable hours of the night, 1am-2am every night when everyone is clearly asleep. These seg checks involve medical staff banging on everyone’s door, disrupting their sleep and causing further psychological harm. 

These methods of torture will be widely exposed and we not quit until they have ceased.”

*”Inmates assigned to Administrative Segregation, and Disciplinary Segregation, Intensive Control, Maximum Control, High Security Maximum Control, Protective Control, shall be allowed one hour per day, five days per week exercise outside the cell, unless safety or security considerations dictate otherwise. Medical authorities may grant exceptions to the five times per week exercise requirement for specific reasons. The exercising of an inmate or the inmate’s refusal to exercise shall be documented on form DC-141.”  (

Inmates in “Please Help We Dying” photos beat up, heads held in toilets, in the hole

Inmates who sent photos pleading for help for inhumane conditions were abused and put in the hole as retaliation on April 11, according to the mothers of the two men. Their relatives had posted screenshots from an April 7 video visit on a jail device that the inmates are allowed to use.   The posts began going viral on social media April 10 with the hashtags #JusticeForInmates and #DekalbCountyJail.

The inmates pictured in the post were beat up on April 11 and thrown into solitary.  Guards forced their heads into toilets.  The county claims they found cell phones and other contraband in their cells, but inmates’ families say there is no way they could have had that contraband.  It is clear from the photos that they are from a jail-issued device, not cell phones.

A disruptive demonstration was held April 12 at the jail, with flares, fireworks, drums and noisemakers. One of the inmates’ mothers delivered a speech via cell phone over the megaphone. “We are not going to back down!” she said. Four protesters were arrested, two are facing felony charges.  They will be arraigned April 13, and funds are being raised to get them bailed out.

Aramark is pimping the Georgia DOC

by Willie Coe
Greetings, world! I am Willie Coe, a Georgia Department of Corrections POW. I am held captive on the Hays State Plantation in Trion, Georgia. This is an establishment for penal infractions and is operated by the Georgia DOC. One major flaw is that its food service is operated by the immense Aramark Food Services, which is rooted in motels, airplanes, Amtrak etc., but most of all the prison industry. It is inconsistent with state regulations and violates almost every health, nutrition and sanitation guide to the T.Aramark services the prison population, staff dining and visitation room through a program called iCare. It is an enormously huge conglomerate that has found its way to Georgia’s corrections industry along with the CCA, Securus Tech, JPay, Keefee and Access Secure Pak. Now that the foundation is set … let’s begin.Aramark serves pre-cooked, freeze-dried, dehydrated, processed and mechanized meals and uses the DOC offenders to operate its company with free labor. The offenders cook, serve and clean under DOC’s supervision and Aramark maintains a skeletal staff of less than five employees in total, and one at any given time.The prison recently had an audit, which it failed in its food service department. Why? Here are my own observations. Due to the fact that I’m a cook and this is my second time within two years at this facility, where last time I was a baker, and due to my outside restaurant experience, along with working in kitchens throughout my 15 and a half years of prison, I believe I’m qualified to make fair and accurate judgments:1) No hairnets or face covers. 2) No gloves. 3) Grime filled tray machine. Toxic odor. 4) Clogged drains in tray room, pot sink, cook areas, serving lines and utility closet. 5) Molded and fungi-lined walls. 6) No sanitation cleanser in pot sink. 7) No light bulbs in coolers. 8) Broken hot boxes; only three of six work. 9) Trash piled at back doors, including slop buckets, for more than five hours at a time. 10) Aramark employees understaffed; a total of five with two being supervisors. 11) DOC prisoner workers untrained. 12) Falsely documented OJT paperwork. 13) One cook overseeing five to nine stoves. 14) Un-clean restroom. 15) No table or chairs in designated prisoner eating and drinking area. 16) Non-working aisles on serving lines. 17) Unwashed and stained cup racks and holders. 18) Roach infestation. 19) Calcium, lime and rust build up in tray room and pot sink. 20) Protocol regarding diets and vegan meals violated.And there are many, many more infractions, too many to list here. This is just my observation. Worst of all, the prisoners are clueless to this hazardous environment because 95% of them are between 18 and 25 years of age and have never been employed in their lives.Recently in early 2018, I read an article in Prison Legal News about Aramark’s contract with the Oregon Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation to service the state’s entire population of a little over 50,000 offenders in 31 plantations for $60 million annually.

Aramark was sued by the department for embezzlement. They had been charging $1.33 per meal that only cost $1.21. Aramark paid Oregon a little over $250,000. My comrade Blaqman Seer has located information where other states have filed class action law suits against them as well.I don’t know the status of Hays State Plantation vs. Philips State. I’ve heard they’re in Baldwin State now as well. It seems that they have their eyes set to sink their teeth into Georgia’s Red Clay. Rogers State is an actual prison industrial complex where offenders farm and till the land as a part of their sentence for zero dollars. This plantation provides beans, canned goods, milk etc. for every Level 1 through 5 prison within the state, including Hays. So what is Aramark really up to?Ask them about the Tyson chickens and Ball Park franks, hot dog buns, chocolate chip cookies etc. that are ordered but never distributed to the population.The kitchen is supervised by one to three Aramark staffers, assisted by nine to 16 prisoners with each of four cooks, two in the tray room, 12 in the pot sink – all these workers working seven days a week and 16 hours a day, which is totally against the labor laws of this state, not to mention the Corrections Standard Operational Procedure guidelines.Though it isn’t by force, there just isn’t anyone on the roster capable of proper diligent work performance. The offenders wanting to work and submitting resumes are either being placed on hold or can’t meet the status quota. I just don’t know the reason. There need to be at least 20 personnel along with three Aramark staffers at all times, and one prison security guard.On any given day I arrive at 2 a.m. and prep myself for cooking. I cook and clean as I go. I cook breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I do my own prep and sanitation, unless I pay someone a cheeseburger to aid and assist me. In between my duties, as I cook, I wash trays in the tray room, pots in the pot sink, serve the line, do trash runs, clean walls and coolers, sweep, mop, and rescue Aramark in any and all crisis moments – like when food is running low or juice is needed on the serving line or even making diet trays for diabetics or renals.I clean and prep for the following day, train prisoners in various stations, make sack lunches, take out the trash and serve trays. I leave at closing, which is anywhere between 5:30 and 6:00 p.m. I’m stripped searched and am not allowed to leave with even one sack lunch.Let it be known that anything over eight hours is unconstitutional (I’m assuming). But it’s labeled as voluntary. The work is so constant and demanding that there’s no option but to complete the duty and be done with it.I come into my dorm, take my shower and fall asleep instantly until 1:30 a.m. when I do this entire routine all over again. With no pay!! Every single day of the week. Unless I refuse, which has been happening a lot, often with myself. But when I do this, it’s so much chaos and disarray that I’m begged to report in. Sounds wild, doesn’t it?My Offender Management Schedule (OMS) is kitchen worker from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m., Monday through Thursday. Those are the hours where I can’t refuse without disciplinary action. But the reason I do this is to gather evidence, which I have obtained but I need and want more. And also because I’m serving a life sentence and the cell block is in constant chaos and turmoil.I do it because of the 34 months that I spent locked behind cell doors and all of the terrible meals that I received due to another inmate being heartless. I do it because of my diligent, hardworking ethics.I’m tired mentally and physically. So is everyone else around me – from prisoners to Aramark employees to security staff alike. Aramark has over-served its purpose here. Their services are no longer needed in this community.Never in my 15 ½ years in the Georgia DOC have I witnessed such atrocious and manipulative use of prison labor. Georgia State Prison in Reidsville doesn’t event possess a kitchen and didn’t have as many technical difficulties as Aramark. Aramark, please leave us alone. You don’t even pay for our hard labor and back breaking work that you earn hundreds of thousands of dollars off of.I’ve done this for seven days a week for at least six months and counting. Enough is enough. We’re coming for you! Leave now! Goodbye!

With sincere indignation, Anarchy Blaq

Send our brother some love and light: Willie B. Coe

Published in the San Fransisco Bayview

Autry prisoners face solitary, transfer, charges in retaliation for peaceful sit-down strike

Written by a fellow inmate:

It is a constant struggle in the modernized slavery plantation with a sedulous state of divine consciousness. Slavery and involuntary servitude is legalized under the 13th Amendment and contrary to it the universal Declaration of Human Rights completely abolish all forms of slavery, servitude, and the harsh infliction of cruel and unusual punishments. I am of the efficient and proficient state of Divine Element and I am to project positive energy into the atmosphere. I am delighted to receive your newsletter last week. I have noticed that no one spoke / wrote about Georgia’s peaceful refusal to be modernized slaves or involuntary servitude. At the appropriate time a mass movement of resistance comrades at Autry State Prison sat down stood up for their rights to refuse being slaves and forced involuntary servitude under the 13th Amendment. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights completely obliterate / abolish all forms of slavery, servitude and the harsh inflictions of cruel and unusual punishment.

These brothers definitely deserve to have Black Power Fists and salutes as Warriors in a righteous cause. I have not heard or read anything about them anywhere. Why not? I encountered several of them at Hancock State Prison after they was maliciously and sadistically victims of vindictive retaliation acts by prison officials. They was deprived of the due process rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights equal protection of the law.

Power Fist and salutes goes out to the brothers who stood in this for a righteous cause in our ongoing struggles against slavery, involuntary servitude and the harsh inflictions of cruel and unusual punishments in the forms of Prisons. The brothers need to know the sacrifices are appreciated and they need to be recognized and fully acknowledged in our efforts to stop / terminate the slavery of black people and people of color.

They was transferred from Autry State Prison to Hancock and placed in the Tier II program administration segregation [solitary confinement and deprivation of all property — ed.]. Many fabricated charges was vindictively brought against them and they did not receive fair hearings. It is all malfeasance and misfeasance against them for courageously opposing the established government of white supremacy.

Continue to fight to win in our mutual struggle. Be safe and take care.


Divine El Supreme

[If you or someone you know has participated in or face retaliation for protest or strike activity, please let Insight know. –ed.]

Black Panther Suffering Medical Neglect in GA Prison

Former member of the Black Panther Party Kamau Sadiki is suffering from medical neglect in Augusta State Prison.  Supporters are asked to call in and write to support him.

Urgent Call For Black Panther Medical Neglect Kamau Sadiki AKA Freddie Hilton #115 06 88 Contact- Call Write Letters: Augusta State Prison 3001 Gordon Hwy, Grovetown GA 30813 Chief Medical Facilitator Dr Alston Warden Philbin (706) 855-4700

Atlanta, Savannah drop banners in solidarity with Georgia State Prison strikers

Atlanta banner drop over Freedom Pkwy.

Prisoners in Georgia are on strike! When we heard that people in Georgia State Prison near Reidsville, GA were participating in the national prison strike, we wanted to show our solidarity.

Atlanta banner drop over Moreland Ave.

As we placed our banners, we heard many car horns honking in support. Awareness and support for the strike is spreading!

In 2010, prisoners all across the Georgia prison system coordinated an uprising which spanned many facilities and involved cooperation between prison organizations and between black, Latinx and white inmates. They brought the prison system to its knees. Now, inmates are Georgia State Prison are continuing this tradition of resistance in Georgia. We stand with them.

Atlanta banner drop over Moreland Ave.

Banner hung in Savannah

Banner dropped in Savannah over Victory Dr.

Prisoners: when you fight inside the walls, we will fight along with you on the outside!

Support J20 Defendants: Demand Feds Drop the Charges!

Protest at the federal courthouse to demand that the charges against the remaining J20 defendants be dropped!

Meet at the Richard B. Russell Federal Building and rally 5pm: 75 Ted Turner Drive SW

230 people were mass arrested during demonstrations against Donald Trump’s Inauguration. The arrests were made by use of a “kettle” technique, trapping everyone on a street and arresting en masse. 214 of these arrestees were charged under the Federal Riot Statute. On April 27th 2017, multiple additional felony charges were added. One trial group was acquitted of all charges, and the Attorney’s Office dropped charges against an additional 129 defendants on January 18, 2018. After it was disclosed that the prosecution covered up evidence that would have helped the defense, another round of dismissals followed. There are still close to 40 people who are being prosecuted with multiple felonies and face up to 60 years in prison.

Facebook event

When Will We Come Together?

By Paul Maynor

Valdosta State Prison

As I sit in this 8×10 cell and watch spiders and ants kill and fight their own over food, I see no difference in us. Prisoners are in the same boat. As I listen to brothers kick on doors, cause harm to cellmates, argue with one another about what he had or what they were doing in society, I wonder to myself do they really know what’s going on around them? Behind these terrible walls, or their loved ones in society? Can we really call it society which means “people working together for a common purpose, companionship”? I rather use “sick world”! I just try to make sense of it all. When will we come together?

I often question – well, I won’t use “question”. I often build with the ones who are blind to what’s obvious (the prisoners). Is it really about African Americans, Hispanics, Caucasians or any other race? Or is it about the rich on one side and the poor on the other? We all are getting oppressed no matter out racial complexion. So again I ask: When will we come together?

Prison guards, a.k.a. “The Devils”, make unnecessary noises at crazy hours when they know prisoners are asleep. They shakes us down, take what they want, tear our cells up. Dogs dumping on our belongings, no new mattress, sheets, blankets or none of that, and we’re left to clean up what they’ve torn up. Only to round us up and take our anger out on each other. But yet we let them walk right out the same way they came in, untouched or unharmed with all our belongings. But when another prisoner does the same thing, and takes something from you, you’ll get it back and cause harm, maybe even be ready to catch a murder charge about it. What’s the different? I still wonder: When will we come together?

Unity is the key to everything, or am I the only one who knows that? When you have unity, you’re a threat. But why, what’s to be afraid of? We’re only coming together. I just wish and wonder, when will we come together? KKKops are killing and brutally harming individuals because of their own reasons. It’s not the rich, it’s only the poor whose getting enslaved. And yet they’re walking free, with no charges at all. But the poor kills someone, you’re “guilty until proven innocent”. The poor kills a KKKop, you’re sentenced to death. But what’s the difference? They’re both human lives. When will we come together?

We see KKKorrectional Officers slamming another prisoner’s head to the concrete. They (KKKorrectional Officers) tell us to face the fence. And what do we do? You wouldn’t have guessed in a million years: we face the fence. But you see a prisoner doing the same thing, you aid and assist the prisoner then. Why won’t you help him when he’s being oppressed? But you’d rather leave him/her to fight an army by themselves. When will we come together?

We watch another prisoner get slaughtered like a pig in a butcher’s shop. Officers take hours to get there, jogging or walking to the action, while someone’s life is on the line. And yet, an officer gets punched in the face, every other officer on duty runs to the action in a matter of seconds with no questions asked, beats you and hog ties you like a pig, and takes you to the hole and beats you again. Someone gets injured in a poor neighborhood, an ambulance takes forever to get there. But some of the same actions take place in a wealthy neighborhood, and they get there in record-breaking time. When will we come together?

Only difference between male prisoners and female prisoners are the sex types. We both go through the same thing, we’re being oppressed. Black lives aren’t the only lives that matter, all lives matter. I just don’t understand it, we will war against each other who feels as if they deserve respect, but we won’t war against the oppression, who clearly disrespects, along with destroys us mentally and physically. When will we stand up? When will we come together?

How can you say “In God We Trust” and believe in god and turn right around and do devilish things to god’s children? Is it because we sinned? Does that make them better than us? No! God said himself that no one is sin-free. Still I wonder: When will we come together?

If you’ve seen “Planet of the Apes” (not the old one but the one they brought back out), it’s showing you the same exact thing we’re going through today. Only difference is that they used unity and some even sacrificed themselves. We did not, and still to this day we still are not in no type of unity. They stood up for what they thought and believed, what was right, which was freedom. Free from being oppressed. It’s a message that a lot of people around the world missed. They were against each other at first, then Ceasar brought everybody together and explained in a way they could understand what “unity” was, and in the end they were at peace, mentally and physically. Still the billion dollar question that I have heard no answer to, but yet a bunch of negative people say we can’t do it, or it won’t work, but no one has taken the initiative to even try to do what so many oppressors are threatened by – and that is unity. When will we come together?

Question for the people: why is the lowest amount of money you can’t spend nowhere brown, and no other color? You think slavery has really been abolished, huh? IT’S TIME WE CAME TOGETHER. Fight for what’s right!

Last Stop Valdosta State Prison

My name is Aron Rexhepi. I’m writing this story based on facts. Valdosta State Prison is mistreating inmates like myself and has shown deliberate indifference to medical needs.

On Feb 26, 2016 I was brought to VSP from Georgia State Prison, Tier 2 program. On March 15, 2016 I placed a sick call to see a dentist. Due to my gums and tooth was cutting into my gums and bleeding. By March 25, I still did see no one. And my face started to deform due to bleeding and swollen gums from my tooth cutting in to my jaw bone.

On 5/12/16 I wrote a warden to seek some type of help. After, no response from the so-called warden. I placed an emergency grievance on 5/18/16, however there was also no response to that. As I was sitting in K-1 lockdown unit Tier 2 program, I began hitting the door yelling for help, crying. Finally after 35 to 45 minutes of nothing but kicking the door, a sgt comes to me and he began hitting my door, saying “You like this? You like this?” After 9 min of his foolishness, he seen me crying and said “What’s going on?” like he sees nothing wrong with my face. I tell him that I’m in need of a dentist doctor, and that my face is swollen and that I could not eat or sleep, and that I have placed 3 sick calls and no one has come to see about me. He then states “Well big guy, VSP does not have a dentist” like I was asking him are they hiring or in need of a dentist as a worker. He then also said “You’re not doing to die, it’s just a little pain with some swelling. And if you keep hitting this door, I’m going to phase you back and make you do 9 more months in Tier 2.”

I then began to write Ms. Woods, a dept warden of care and treatment, on 5/5/16 and 5/26/16. Still no response. I then wrote Warden Mariy S Allen for the 3rd time. This time I was pleading with him in my request, asking him to take me to a prison with right medical/dental care. Still no response.

On June 6, 2016 I was seen by a dentist at VSP after waiting for 4 months of nothing but pain. Ms Dr. Crawford stated “How long you been like this?” talking about my face. I stated “For months”. She then did an x-ray and said “I got to do what’s called an emergency surgery”. The surgery took her 2 hours. She said “If you would have waited 1 more month you might have lost all your back teeth!”

Also just 3 weeks before I was seen by Dr. Crawford, an LPN saw me and tols me “Damn, who hit you?” I told her “No one hit me, it’s my back tooth”. Then she states to the officer “It’s not his tooth, he’s lying. And if it is his teeth, he’s out of luck. We don’t even have a dentist.”

Just after the surgery on June 10th, 2016, I saw Ms Dr. Crawford again. This time I asked her why I was talking funny and why my tongue was numb and why my speech has changed. She stated “I might have damaged some nerves. But I still need to do a 2nd surgery.” I then told her “Ms. Crawford, you must not have slept last night, or must have bumped your head real hard on something” looking at her with a crazy look. She then stated “It won’t hurt, and it will take only 15 minutes.” I stated “No thank you, I’m okay…”

The grievance dated 5/18/16 was responded to on Jun 26, 2016 only to state by mr. Allen that at the time, VSP was without a dentist, however you were seen 10 times by medical, you could have addressed this issue at any time.

It is crazy how people in prison get mistreated. Inmates are hopeless and must kill themselves when inmates don’t get the right mental health or medical care. And it’s sad how a human treats another human like a dog. As and inmate, I always ask myself “Damn, am I going to Hell for all the wrong I did?” But some times say to myself “No, I’m not. I have been judged my a human, to be placed in a place where it’s like Hell.” Then also ask myself where are prison workers that were in prison? Where are they going it’s got to be a worse place for them.