Cooperative Prisoner, belligerently beaten by officer

On any particular day in prison, you would think one would presume himself safe being housed in solitary confinement. On the day of May 24, 2015 at approximately 11:15, the cert officers claimed to be giving a random shakedown. They came to cell 22, where inmate Marko Burton and Frederick Robinson was housed. Officer Thurman the spokes person for the crew, order them to strip one by one. As being used to shakedowns both inmates stripped and were handcuffed as as instructed by officers. While inmate Robinson was being handcuffed, inmate Burton trips over a shoe of his (which is on the floor of the room) and falls off the bed. At that time lent Thruman yells to security to open door. Once door is open lent Thurman runs in, grabs inmate Burton by the arm to lift him off bed, asks “where is it” punches inmate Burton in the groin, then states “Nigga I’ll kill you”.

Grabs inmate Burton by the head, shoots him two knee shots to the face, and finally takes his head and rams it into the locker box, where his front tooth is chopped in 1/2.

Now this is supposed to be a rando shakedown? Where’s the camera? Where is the protection that is supposed to be bestowed to inmate Burton by the administration? Who is going to protect the prisoner from the admin who solely acts as a gang?

To be callously beaten by Cn officers, and not one cert member stopped officer Thruman as he profusely pounded on inmate Burton! After the shakedown and brutal beating, a phone was suspected to be confiscated in a red book on the bottom sunk assigned to Fredirck Robinson but inmate Burton was written up for it, taken to medical where he was laughed and mocked and took back to his cell.

Marko Burton, an inmate at the Ga state prison has written several grievances on the admin at the facility. He has written up warden Robert Toole for retaliation for his grievances and also a sexual assault against Sgt. Jenkins from an incident in which inmate Burton was made to strip outside in an overt area on Oct. 15, 2014. Since then inmate Burton has been locked down 5x without a Disciplinary report.

The 6th time they put Burton in solitary confinement he wasnt even present in his room, where contraband was found and claimed by inmate Fady who was present at the time of the shakedown and admitted to knowing the contraband under the bed of Burton and Robinson.

Yet and still Burton was charged with the contraband and sent to solitary confinement, where he was later placed in the Tier 2 program in the state of Ga. Segregation is overused, misused and abused in the Ga. Prison system. For instances such as Burton, who was just utilizing his constitutional rights by writing grievances under the protection of the first amendment, is now being tortured and compel to inhumane conditions for practicing his rights. Inmate Burton has six months til his temporary parole month, and being in solitary confinement is counter-proactive to the meaning of rehabilitation, and for these being released from prison, I feel an act of condescension, for those who’re prosecuted as Marko Burton thoughout the states, for trying to emasculate the pestilence that is ostensibly within our judicial system.

It is indispensable that this type of corporal punishment must stop. The prudentence of the recidivism rate in America, is at an all time high, for a person to return back to these condition proves a man has a primitive animalistic side to him that operates purely off instinct. As the Nigerian Paoverb Says “The one eyed man is grateful, only when he sees a man who is totally blind”. I leave as i come, as an individual who has awaken from the snake pit of stupidity into the realms of Growth of development.