Criminals in Blue Uniforms

Your criminal mind derives from past anguish and manipulative orders.  Hearts of pain and vendetta against present individuals who remind you of past opposition and betrayers.  So much anger and so little understanding causes you to make uncalculated decision.  Your spirit is entrapped within this institution of madness, staring everyone down with an evil eye.  Maliciously you complete your task of abuse set by the atrocious tyrant that lays down your orders.  Kindness is the nemesis of the oppressive administrator of law.  Your heart begins to rot off the understanding of no one’s perfect.  Your envious thoughts are displayed through your malpractices of ill deeds.  Your judgements of those you were assigned to protect, serve, and/or oversee are void for your mind is no different from ours.  You break the law of basic human respect for others as well as yourselves.  Your morals and principals causes many of you to dislike yourself.  Reluctantly, you cooperate with those who dislike your existence but love your servitude for a little of nothing.  You flaunt your delusional authority and unison amongst the system of thieves.  Nevertheless, when one of you chooses to stand on the true code of righteousness, you’re considered an outcast and the plot to eliminate you is instantly devised.  This system of abuse, extortion, capitalism, and institutional genocide refuses to live by its written ethics of rehabilitation and correction.  As the bible says in Proverbs Chapter 12:15: The way of a fool is right in his own eyes.  We are considered denizens (dead citizens) due to our past illegitimacy.  Hence, you display similar actions daily, violating our constitutional and basic human rights.  From the religious view you are Lucifer’s minions and from the legal aspect you are just criminals in blue uniforms.

A spoken word from a fellow prisoner of a war held captive behind enemy lines
LaDarius Colbert
A.K.A. Comrade Seer