Revolution for struggle evolution

The need for action is nearing. Unity is the key as the BLAQ courageous and righteous leaders see their commonality in each other’s struggles. This battle between the interrelated must cease if we want to see a better day. Self-oppression is our daily deeds as a whole. Making us sitting ducks in the machine pond of institutional and racial genocide. Inferiority isn’t a trait nor identity of the persistence drivers in our social oppressive society. It is a temporary state of confusion. Often we see our servants for the citizens of America murder and go unpunished. Judges, detectives and DA’s Lynch innocent people in their courtroom, even when proven to be prejudiced they still remain in the offices or seats of judgment. Another form of justified homicide. The constitution of enslavement serves no purpose other than to keep the blind commonwealth in a delusional secured state and deprive us of our sovereign rights.

Misinterpretation of our required education leaves our you with poor knowledge structure and a short foresight of their future. Government assistance programs are derived methods from the lab rats offices. Little at a time a place cheese in the corners of the maze. Enough to distract the mind from realizing it systematic way of thinking and searching for true Liberty out of the poverized project. Continuously they deceive the curious youth with negative influential programs such as Gangland. Placing a false image nihilistic social groups formed to rule their temporary block. Constantly playing images of their Vanguard winning small battles against the rebels/angry “humans” gathered together as one to exercise their First Amendment.

There is no justice it’s just us! Many of our fallen comrades and living comrades have shown that saying to be a fact. The United Nations’ words were mere whispers as they ordered the release of Herman Wallace (RIP) from the Angola torture chamber. New exceptions and stimulations to infringe our rights of self defense and bear arms continue to be devised and implemented. Taxation for a living has gone unratable. The eagle eye isn’t a vision of protection but a vision of empowerment, for the ends justify the means. This is just a glimpse of our worsening struggle if the people refuse to see the need for revolution to have a struggle evolution.

To be continued.
Peace respect and power to our struggle in social oppression from a fellow comrade
LaDarius Colbert