“I believe if I stay at G.S.P I will die.” Medical neglect in the infirmary

This is Charlie Hood 712204.
I had 2 strikes in 2014 of May. I cannot walk and I cannot think like I use to. I have been in the infirmary at G.S.P for two years. They just holding me in here. The doctors here are not doing anything for me. They will not come and see me. Are do blood work own me. I try to talk with the doctors but they will not talk with me. I stay sick alot they will not do anything for me. I believe if I stay at G.S.P I will die. Because I cannot get any help from the doctors here. I believe if the doctors was doing they job. I don’t think I had them two strokes.
Charlie hood 712204
Infirmary cell 1#

[In different handwriting]
This person is mental health level 3 and the cause of his conditions was one of the nurses giving him too much insulin in 2014. He is now held in the infirmary with no communication with family or friends.