This is the Last of My Kind

I’m foreseeing the future, and i’m asking myself in particular why is the blacks, whites, hispanics, etc in America waiting on the tragedy to come in order to unite? The answer that I find reasonable is even the wise and awakened ones fall victim to the confusions and illusions of our government tactics and strategy. The majority would take this as I’m down playing them or calling them stoooopid! Yeah, that would be if you fail to open your mind and stop viewing this war like everyone don’t want to do this. All that have to be done is for everyone to become full-time rebellious, fight against or resist the established authority of the government reiteration.

Some will die in this war, but even if you go on the field, do you really think that someone would be you? Hell no! That’s why I can easily engage in a physical combat, because I believe the only way we can take back and restructure or whatnot is by making them submit physically, by conquering and not just to keep trying to defeat on papers and with this manipulative-ass constitutional law shit. It’s the time of violence, sacrifices, and for you to stand for what you know or believe.

Whites govern whites, blacks over black and so on. That’s just be thinking if we really conquer our government, live through marshall law – which is a code of attack – and when the smoke clear, you still will have those negative reckless conduct sort of peoples of all nationality. So truthfully anarchys, revolutionaries, atheists, muslim, christians, 5%, Jehova, etc: how will we all conquer and live as one in peace?

My last question is if the government is a system of governing. A system is interrelated or complex whole, organized arrangement or network, scheme of action, procedure or classification, method. Prevailing political or social order. Orderliness. And most of you see the President as the top and the only problem I have is that the CIA, FBI, IRS, banks, sheriffs, police, correctional officers, drug and gang task forces, etc is a part of this body and these people that work in these fields are related to us outsiders or our comrades one way or the other. So some of you who know it isn’t right refuse to go all the way because your relative have been brainwashed to take a stand against his own flesh and blood. It might was another officer, warden, etc that brought trauma to you, or a judge. But just because your loved one’s actions seems harmless in your eyes cause around you, you only see family, but every day your family put that uniform on and badge he’s/she’s a part of the problem. Rather y’all are having casual conversation about this and you say to him “the such and such movement is having this event under these circumstances on this date because of this reason to get this accomplished.” You feel that it’s no big deal, but it is because now the word is passed through their operation and they are very intelligent like second instinct (police instinct). They will utilize your casual family conversation to destroy us before we even started. Now me, I’ll be schooling or enlighten my family to infiltrate, disrupt and all that good shit if you believe in and stand for this title, revolutionary, anarchist, etc. This have nothing to do with power or money. Why should we have to buy what’s needed and really free? My question is do you see how deep this is, and that if your family is on the wrong side and oppressing, they must die by your hands or one of the rebel? So are you ready for this?

Like I say, I’m the last of my kind. I will not die to only be talked about, I will die to start a revolutionary change and if I knew that this war is really going to be fought as a nation. Otherwise I will continue to wait and control my environment.

Sleep walkers awaken.
Trouble D