GA Dept of KKKorrections Invests In The Business of Torturing US Citizens

by Kelevin J. Stevenson #570391 – G.S.P.

GA Dept of KKKorrections new Tier program has taken steps to destroy a prisoner’s family bonds, now stopping prisoners from receiving any pictures or letters with pictures in them. GA Dept of KKKorrections administrators have enacted a policy that clearly violates a prisoner’s 1st Amendment right to freedom of association and their right to freedom of speech. The 1st Amendment exists to protect the citizens’ right to read books, magazines, newspapers, etc. The right to call or write to your family and friends, the right to criticize government or state officials, and much more.

Now GA Dept of KKKorrections have stated on the face of this Tier Program that this is not a punishment measure. But the actual operation of this program arbitrarily strips a prisoner of their guaranteed constitutional rights and subjects each prisoner to tactics that are medieval in design and purpose. Without being given due process through the prisoner disciplinary hearing procedure. Without being sanctioned to prolonged administrative disciplinary segregation, a prisoner is stripped of all personal property, all visitation, telephone, and mail privileges, commissary etc. He is then placed in a single occupancy cell with a roommate, who may or may not wish to live with him. He is limited to outside recreation for short periods of time on a bi-weekly basis – due to either bad weather or yard officer not wanting to run prisoners to the yard.

He is forced to accept a food tray that falls far below the Federal Calorie Dietary Intake for daily nutrition. Thus he is being deliberately malnourished as were the Jews in the Nazi KKKoncentration KKKamps in 1945, given just enough to barely keep the human body functioning. The majority of prisoners on the Tier Program are kept below a healthy weight, in order for them to be more manageable. I must point out that a hungry individual is a desperate individual, which makes him the most dangerous animal on the planet.

This is the obvious result of the torture business, and unwittingly Amerikkkan citizens (taxpayers) are subsidizing S.H.U.s, S.M.U.s and other torture units in the guise of public safety measures, through the federal grants given to states for establishing and operating a so-called special management unit! The deliberate torture of impoverished and most likely mentally unstable citizens is clearly a KKKontradiction of a free society’s claims of being free! So the truth is mirrored in how AmeriKKKan society treats its imprisoned. It is the purest reality reflected in how society at large is treated by its elected government.

So if Amerikkka intentionally tramples on the constitution, how can any human anywhere in this country call this the land of the free? How does it sit with the so-called God-fearing man or woman to come into knowledge that their hard earned money is used to torture a child of God, now ain’t that a holy mess? I’m not saying that prison should be cozy, what I am saying is if a criminal is one who has committed a crime against his fellow citizen, then any act that harms a human (whether KKKonfined or free) is criminal. Thus, GA Dept of KKKorrections’ investment in the business of torturing US citizens mentally, physically, and spiritually can only be a KKKriminal act and should be prosecuted like any other citizen of Amerikkkan status. The Tier Program is KKKriminal in its intent and operation!

Respectfully submitted,
This 26th Day of March 2015
Kelevin J. Stevenson #570391
GSP-2164 GA Hwy 147
Reidsville, GA 30499