Thoughts from a Reidsville prison hunger striker

Mar 26th 2015

Greeting my fellow comrades,

I send my full appreciation, loyalty and efforts to the growth of our developing unison. Recently one of my brothers was beaten by the cert team. The “justified” excuse for their excessive force was or will be Marco intervene physically during a shakedown. Yes, we are prohibited to have cell phones in the custody of the machine but when the exploited prices of the phone services is too high to maintain a reasonable loss and your mail is being inspected, with held or never receive, what other choice do you have than to get one? There has been nothing but mental and physical abuse here lately. I Have brought our mission forth to a few people but no one wants to make that sacrifice. No one wants the courts to slow there process of release down. No one feels there is a need to stand for the many hopeless struggles. Honestly, sometimes I question my limits of drive. Why am I fighting for a people who doesn’t believe nor see the empowerment behind the revolution? Are those that profess to be comrades really charlatants using me as a puppet? These are seeds that if not killed will turn into a mountain of doubt. Controlling my anger and maintaining a sane mind seems like a battle of the titans. I’m trying hard to get a program called “Peace”. I doubt that let me instruct it. It’s a program to educate the members of the various social groups that are in the dorm. Teaching them the original reasoning for their development and the senselessness in their nihilistic turf wars. As I said before I will speak and touch any knowledgable subject. I do see alot of potential adversaries behind my cause but the only one I fear is myself. The sick that’s is being engaged and full of rage. Vengeance is his everyday meal as he envision sadistic thoughts of anger being lashed on those that have a part in his torment of a thousand cuts. This is my only fear, the fear to relapse to the life of failure.

I leave you as I will return to
you with loyalty, encouragement
respect and power to our struggle
for liberty.

Your fellow comrade
Mr. Ladarius Colbert
A.K.A. Comrade Seer