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Thoughts from a Reidsville prison hunger striker

Mar 26th 2015

Greeting my fellow comrades,

I send my full appreciation, loyalty and efforts to the growth of our developing unison. Recently one of my brothers was beaten by the cert team. The “justified” excuse for their excessive force was or will be Marco intervene physically during a shakedown. Yes, we are prohibited to have cell phones in the custody of the machine but when the exploited prices of the phone services is too high to maintain a reasonable loss and your mail is being inspected, with held or never receive, what other choice do you have than to get one? There has been nothing but mental and physical abuse here lately. I Have brought our mission forth to a few people but no one wants to make that sacrifice. No one wants the courts to slow there process of release down. No one feels there is a need to stand for the many hopeless struggles. Honestly, sometimes I question my limits of drive. Why am I fighting for a people who doesn’t believe nor see the empowerment behind the revolution? Are those that profess to be comrades really charlatants using me as a puppet? These are seeds that if not killed will turn into a mountain of doubt. Controlling my anger and maintaining a sane mind seems like a battle of the titans. I’m trying hard to get a program called “Peace”. I doubt that let me instruct it. It’s a program to educate the members of the various social groups that are in the dorm. Teaching them the original reasoning for their development and the senselessness in their nihilistic turf wars. As I said before I will speak and touch any knowledgable subject. I do see alot of potential adversaries behind my cause but the only one I fear is myself. The sick that’s is being engaged and full of rage. Vengeance is his everyday meal as he envision sadistic thoughts of anger being lashed on those that have a part in his torment of a thousand cuts. This is my only fear, the fear to relapse to the life of failure.

I leave you as I will return to
you with loyalty, encouragement
respect and power to our struggle
for liberty.

Your fellow comrade
Mr. Ladarius Colbert
A.K.A. Comrade Seer

Another Reidsville Tier II prisoner speaks out against inhumane conditions

Another prisoner has come forward to speak out against the abusive conditions in Georgia State Prison in Reidsville.  Here is the content of his letter, unchanged:


I’m a inmate in the Tier II Phase I Program at Georgia State Prison in Reidsville, GA., where our rights are violated every day of the week. We have to live in a two man cell where we have no power or control of our lights or toilets. We have to eat and sleep with our waste in our toilets and our toilets are only flushed at the floor officer’s choosing. Our reck or yard is almost none existing, and we are kept in the program if we complain. It is of my opinion that I’ll be in this program even longer for this letter but people on the outside must know what we go through behind these walls. My name is Travis King and I do want and pray that this letter will be publish.

T King
Georgia State Prison
2164 Ga. HWY 147
Reidsville, GA 30499


“Defining GA.’s New Torture Tool!” Article by a Reidsville Prison Hunger Striker

This piece was transcribed from a handwritten letter from a prisoner in Reidsville’s Tier Program.

Defining GA.’s New Torture Tool!
Tier Program Admin Segregation

By: Kelvin Stevenson #570391 3/20/2015

I was asked by Comrade Adele, “What is the Tier Program?” The answer to this question is simple! It is the new name GA. Dept. of Corrections uses to torture prisoners (who are citizens of AmeriKKKa) in. In truth it is a Neo Nazi program invented in Germany during Hitler’s campaign of terror. It is new paint smeared upon an old decrepted evil, sounds good but still has the same inhumane intent. The tier program is the new name for “prolonged solitary KKKonfinement”. My knowledge of the tier program comes firstly from reading bayview news and MIM [under lock and key] specifically from comrades in KKKalifornia’s Security Housing Units, which have been fighting for decades to end the long term torture of U.S. citizens or second class citizens housed in these torture chambers. Now GA. Dept. of KKKorrections has adopted this program in order to oppress and program prisoners to become mindless twits or for a better word slaves, who have no will to challenge the deliberate violations of their 1st, 5th, 8th, and 14th amendment rights and the continued mental, spiritual, and physical abuse prisoners suffer each day as they are subjected to “no touch torture” or “sensory deprivations”.

As of December 9th 2010, GA. Dept. of KKKorrections has been on a “campaign of retaliation” for the prison strikes that manifested thru prisoners unifying from all fronts in order to demand that [educational programs, vocational programs, prison wages for work performed inside and outside of the prisons, nutritional food, and better living conditions etc.] As a result, GA. Dept. of KKKorrections retaliated in every way it could imagine. From prisoners being shackled and handcuffed in iron restraints, while KKKorrectional officers beat them with a claw hammer to being transferred to Special Management Unit in Jackson, GA and isolated without being given any form of due process. In 2012 all prisoners who were not afraid, went on “Hungerstrike” to protest against GA. Dept. of KKKorrections continued retaliatory actions. As a result of the media attention placed on commissioner Brian Owens and his subordinates. GA. Dept. of KKKorrections adopted and implemented the Disciplinary Administrative Segregation’s [Tier Program/Step Down Program]. Said program was implemented in Augusta 2013 and was modified and completed throughout GA. Dept. of KKKorrections in July 2014. Its stated purpose “(1) Create a managed and measured stratification oriented pathway for offenders to successfully transition from administrative segregation to lower security levels (2) The Most Important. Provides greater management and implementation of programming of long-trrm administrative segregation offenders.” [As I stated earlier, the making of a mindless and spiritless slave! To quote from Comrade Abdul Olugbala Shakur in a piece he did for Bayview News “What is Solitary KKKonfinement?”] “Isolation is still the quintessential criterion that helps to identify and define what what solitary confinement is, but in the 21st Century the answer is more complicated than just saying “isolated from all other prisoners.” The Prison Industrial Slave Complex in its modern state has veen able to achieve isolation on multi-levels. P.I.S.C. has mastered how to orchestrate conditions which identify and exploit multiplicity of the tactical mechanics of isolation. In dissecting the multiplicity isolation/solitary KKKonfinement, you will discover: (1) Social isolation; (2) Racial and cultural isolation; (3) Ideological and political isolation; (4) Religious and spiritual isolation; and (5) Geographical isolation. Each has both an internal and external component.” Simply put if I may, divide and KKKonquer thru Willie Lynch’s theory but amplified a million times over. The true purpose is of dual nature or function (1) to facilitate the isolation process as it pertains to precision targeting of a specific prisoner or group (2) to serve as a tactical instrument in service of the prison’s torture program.

As I write this, I realize now that to answer all your questions. I will have to do this in parts. How does a prisoner get placed in it? According to G.D.C. S.O.P. #IIB09-0003 a prisoner must be sanctioned to this program thru the prison’s disciplinary procedure in order that he is given some form of due process. Yet the majority of prisoners placed on this program have no disciplinary report in their instititional files that sanctions such a placement. Thus all are arbitrarily stripped of their 14th amendment rights! As to your other questions I will answer them in the next piece. Citizens with real concerns can contact their state representatives, their congressmen or congresswomen, the U.S. Dept. of Justice [human rights division] and impress upon them that this program and the effects of these torture chambers are unacceptable and must be ended. This is suppose to be an evolved civilization yet it seems like were living in a draconian society, ruled completely by neo facist slave holders! I suggest to all who read this investigate and do something to end human torture in AmeriKKKa.

Respectfully submitted,
This 20th day of March 2015
I am Kelvin J Stevenson #570391
GSP-2164 GA. Hwy 147
Reidsville, GA 30499


Part 2

As pointed out in part one, the stated purpose is totally different from the real purpose. Prisoners’ religious and political views are used against them in order to persecute them for participating and associating with other of similar beliefs, thus prisoners are labeled STG [security Threat Group] and arbitrarily denied their 1st amendment rights! The typical (24) twenty-four day goes with a breakfast tray filled with only half portions of the mandated food items thus being nutritionally unbalanced. If it is shower day there will be no outside exercise period. Administrators will come thru for a daily inspection and if a prisoner trys to speak to administrators, he will become the victim of a cell shakedown by the C.E.R.T. [KKKorrections Emergency Response Team] or the victim of a MK-90 riot gas spray if he and his roommate persist in exercising their right to speak and challenge this program. Then from noon to 1:00 pm lunch is served again with only half portions. Every so often, a KKKorrectional officer comes a does a group therapy session in which he or she stresses totally compliance to the Tier Program’s [debriefing and programming tactics] After listening to this officer drone on about nothing to compliant slaves, I shake my head and tell all in earshot not to allow themselves to be bamboozled! Then finally another half portioned dinner tray. When you look at the prisoners housed here, you can clearly see that all are malnourished! Now as for sanitation in this program it is nonexistent. Cells are filthy and infested with insects and mice. Staph and scabies are constantly present and medical staff care less whether we live or die. Two (2) men are being housed in a single occupancy cell and the cell doesn’t have a writing table or chair, and there is no flush button on the inside of the cell for the toilet. Who really wants to see, breath, and smell another human’s bodily waste? The banging, hollaring, and arguments are an increased form of noise torture and this is a (24) hour constant. The grievance procedure is practically nonexistant. Prisoners submit grievances and staff especially [Counselor Gates, Unit Manager Chambers, and Grievance Coordinator Milton Smith] make sure that they are not processed in order to keep the prison abuses covered up. GA. Dept. of KKKorrections works hard to keep this slave making program going. I would like to see this program abolished and education, vocation, on job training programs become a top priority in order to produce positive effects in prisoners lives. It must be remembered that the majority of prisoners being subjected to this torture program will be released back into society, to be more specific, back into your community. They will be filled with hate and violence!! Due to this ill-concieved program many will have lost all compassion for humanityand thus society is victimized by the slave trader’s inhumane treatment of AmeriKKKa’s citizens or second class citizens. What is solitary KKKonfinement? The answer is GA’s new tool for torture. Tier Program = prolonged solitary KKKonfinement which is a crime. “The Tier Program’s purpose is to destroy and/or sabotage the targeted prisoner or group’s primary outside support contact. This repression is the external component to social isolation. The internal component is basically placing a prisoner in a pod or unit with other prisoners who are openly ideologically, geographically, socially, or racially hostile to that particular prisoner or group.” It’s Willie Lynch’s Divide and Conquer. Tier Program is simply GA.’s new torture tool!

Respectfully submitted,
This 22nd day of March 2015.
I am Kelvin J. Stevenson #570391
GSP-2164 GA. Hwy 147
Reidsville, GA 30499

Another Reidsville Hunger Striker Speaks Out

Another hunger striking Reidsville prisoner has come forward to speak out about his protest. He and Kelvin J. Stevenson, whose letter I transcribed in the previous post, are among four men on hunger strike since February 26.

I began corresponding with some of the men who participated in the 2012 hunger strike a couple years ago, and I transcribed some of their letters and published them here:

This letter from LaDarius Colbert is entirely in his own words.

*Brotherly Love without Any Question*
Revolution for the Struggle Evolution

The need for action is nearing. Unity is the key as the BLAQ courageous and righteous leaders begin to see the commonality in each other struggles. This battle between the inner-related must cease if we want to see better days. Self oppression is our daily deeds as a whole. Making us sitting ducks in the middle of the machine pond of Institutional and racial genocide. Inferiority is’nt a trait nor identity of the persistent strivers in our social oppressive society. It is a temporary state of confusion. Often we see our servants for the citizens of America murder and go unpunished. Judges, detectives and D.A.s lynch innocent people in their court room, and even when proven to be prejudice they still remain in the offices or seats of judgment. Another form of Justified Homicide. The constitution of enslavement serves no purpose other than to keep the blind common wealth in a delusional secured state and deprive us of our sovereign rights. Misinterpretation of our required education leaves our youth with poor knowledge structures and a short foresight of their future. Government assistant programs are derived methods from a lab rat office. Little at a time they place cheese in the corners of the maze. Enough to distract the mind from realizing its systematic way of thinking and searching for true liberty out of the poverized projects. Continuously they dec- the curious youth with negative influential programs such as Gang land. Placing a false image of nihilism on the social groups that were form to defend against oppression. Constantly playing videos of their vanguard winning small battles against what they call Rebels who are actually Angry Humans gathered together to exercise their 1st Amendment. There is no justice, its just us! Many of our fallen comrades and living comrades have shown that saying to be a fact. The courts of the United Nations words were mere whispers in their order of immediate release of Herman “Hooks” Wallace (R.I.P.) from the Angola torture chamber. New exceptions and stimulation to infringe our rights of self defense and to bear arms continue to be devised and implemented. Taxation for Uncle Sam and the cost of living is unratable. The eagle eye is’nt an vision of protection but a vision of empowerment for the ends justify their means. This is just a Glimpse of our worsening war for liberty. We the people refuse to see the need for revolution to have a struggle evolution. Words must end and actions must begin.

To be continued…

Peace and respect to all
For unity is the power to
our struggle in this social
oppression from a
prisoner of war
Mr. LaDarius Colbert #1000145093
A.K.A. Comrade Seer.

Georgia prisoners on hunger strike in Reidsville over harsh conditions

Members of Atlanta Black Cross have been correspondng with several prisoners in Georgia prisons since the 2012 prisoner hunger strike in Jackson. They have repeatedly tried to get redress for their grievances about mistreatment, and when those attempts have failed they have been forced to resort to hunger strike.  Here is a letter from one prisoner who has been refusing food since February 23.  It is all in his own words.


Tier Program/GA.’s Step Down Program
[New Nazi Gestapo Behavior Modification Program]

GA. Dept. of Corrections has implemented a new behavior modification program that is a throwback to a Nazi Koncentration Kamp experiment.  In the name of public safety only, GA. Dept. of  Korrections has deliberately stripped prisoners of their first amendment rights to political, religious, and cultural beliefs and the right to have access to the press in all forms.  Further this so-called program denies prisoners their 14th amendment rights to due process [both procedural and substantive] thus deliberately denying prisoners meaningful opportunity to defend and challenge his placement into a program that has nor holds any habilitative purpose.  Prisoners are stripped of all personal property and placed in a single occupancy cell, with a roommate that has a toilet that has no inside flush valve, and forced to live 24 hours a day receiving half portion food trays, thus deliberately malnourishing the prisoners into submission.  Any prisoner that files grievances to complain about the denial of outside exercise periods, cell sanitation, law library access, telephone and visitation access to family, the mice and spider infestation, are targeted by G.D.C. administrators and subjected to assaults by C.E.R.T. [Corrections Emergency Response Team] and are sprayed with MK90 riot mace which is used to subdue attacking bears.  This is done even if a prisoner is non-combative.  The only justifiable reason this tactic is used is to instill fear in prisoners who would challenge this program.  Any prisoner who is apart of an organization with any form of political or religious or cultural background is then arbitrarily validated as a gang member, and this is used to justify his placement in the program.  Even though the prisoner has no disciplinary which has sanctioned such a placement.  According to the Tier Program SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) this program is not designed to be used as a tool of punishment yet GA. Dept. of Corrections actions are contrary to this official statement.  Instead of GA. Dept. of Corrections investing time and money into educational programs such as trades that would prepare prisoners to take control of their lives and their future.  In order to return to the outside world better than what they came into, this program has nothing positive to offer a prisoner.  Instead prisoners are only receiving deprivation and a extreme course in being tortured on a daily basis.  GA. Dept. of Corrections in the guise of public safety exercises its power to deny prisoners all means of exposing this unlawful and unconstitutional program.  Which breeds in all prisoners subjected to this program hate and violence!  The majority of these prisoners will return to society at large, carrying this hate and violence thus making society a victim  to this ill thought Nazi experiment G.D.C. calls Tier Step Down.  By the true intent it can only be called “prolonged solitary confinement” and the objective is to destroy the mental, spiritual, and physical being of all forced to endure its atypical and significant hardships in direct violation of the 8th amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  On Feb 23rd 2015 myself and several others started refusing food trays and on Feb. 26th I officially declared hungerstrike!  My 1st, 8th and 14th amendment rights are deliberately being trampled and all attempts to file grievances and exhaust administrative remedies in order to address these violations before the courts are being stopped by GA. State prison’s administrators.  Therefore I ask that anyone or any human rights organization get involved and get an investigator from the U.S. Dept. of Justice to come and investigate and talk to me and all prisoners housed in this program.

Respectfully submitted,
I am Kelvin J. Stevenson #570391
G.S.P-2164 GA Hwy 147
Reidsville, GA. 30499
This 6th day of March 2015.