Poetry from the inside: “Frustrations of 2015”

Children washing up on the beach like discarded trash
others lying in the street with bullets in their backs
and their momma’s can’t speak their hearts broken like glass while
their daddies feel weak because they can’t fight back.
See the tears rained in sheets when 200 village girls were kidnapped
and tears roll down cheeks when 200 student bodies found graved en mass
and their mamas can’t sleep for dreaming of their child wrapped in a body bag
and their daddies feel heat a warmth in their chest slowly driving them mad.
Now feel a hurt so deep when a car bomb blows up every child in it’s class
or a I.E.D. that sends a man home to his family and he’s missing both legs
How can you eat knowing someone’s starving just because they’re considered lower caste?
How can you be, when you’re silent consent equals violence against outcast? How can you be, when you know your world leaders have all this blood on their hands? So how’d you vote to agree, when your government’s the reason for all this opium and crack? So please don’t feign peace because you didn’t declare war on drugs you declared war on blacks… and in one way or the other we’re all black.

By Bagheera

Is there really a difference between a redneck, a wetback and a nigga when we are all suffering?
We are one people.