Fight with the pen, and force when needed

Peace to all those reading. and those who endure this constant battle of daily oppression while locked down on this Tier II program in this state of Georgia prison system. It’s hard to maintain a sane mind where insane men will sometimes drive sane men insane. We must remain strong and strive together as a whole. The system is very afraid of our unity so they’ll do nearly anything to keep us divided and blind to the fact of the matter. I stand beside those few brothas who I identify as the last of the Dying Breed. I support the men that took the stand on Sept 9 and I respect those like me brotha Jarvis Booker who has been a role model and a constant guide of light for me to see that we all are fighting the same battle. That my anger shouldn’t be directed to the next man in a white jumpsuit for he too is being oppressed by the same wicked system. How to fight with the pen, and force when needed. This brotha is one of the last of our breed. I give Trouble D much respect for taking this stand on Sept 9. Peace to all those that took their stand. I want to share these spoken words that I named the last of a Dying Breed.
Bear with me as I try not to be harsh as the truth that is cuttin deeply to my roots of uncompromising justice. I will remain solid, not moving a bit as I try to be heard by deafstruck ears. It feels as if I’ve made a private covenant with the angels of death in the arrangement of my soul to rot in Hell. As I live in a place and time that tries men souls I will remain strong not retreating a single inch as I battle this 5 headed monster. “No more oppression!” I scream as I grow mentally physically weak as the rain of blows come rapidly. My voice grows weaker with each scream. I wonder if I am being heard never giving up. I refuse to surrender. I am one of many warriors losing this constant battle against this majorly wicked system. The walls scream from the pain of the men that tried but failed before me. So my fellow brothas join arms with me not against me. We’ll be heard some day. until then I battle this beast head on alongside of the last of the dying breed.

By Don Rosco

Valdosta State Prison