Last Stop Valdosta State Prison

My name is Aron Rexhepi. I’m writing this story based on facts. Valdosta State Prison is mistreating inmates like myself and has shown deliberate indifference to medical needs.

On Feb 26, 2016 I was brought to VSP from Georgia State Prison, Tier 2 program. On March 15, 2016 I placed a sick call to see a dentist. Due to my gums and tooth was cutting into my gums and bleeding. By March 25, I still did see no one. And my face started to deform due to bleeding and swollen gums from my tooth cutting in to my jaw bone.

On 5/12/16 I wrote a warden to seek some type of help. After, no response from the so-called warden. I placed an emergency grievance on 5/18/16, however there was also no response to that. As I was sitting in K-1 lockdown unit Tier 2 program, I began hitting the door yelling for help, crying. Finally after 35 to 45 minutes of nothing but kicking the door, a sgt comes to me and he began hitting my door, saying “You like this? You like this?” After 9 min of his foolishness, he seen me crying and said “What’s going on?” like he sees nothing wrong with my face. I tell him that I’m in need of a dentist doctor, and that my face is swollen and that I could not eat or sleep, and that I have placed 3 sick calls and no one has come to see about me. He then states “Well big guy, VSP does not have a dentist” like I was asking him are they hiring or in need of a dentist as a worker. He then also said “You’re not doing to die, it’s just a little pain with some swelling. And if you keep hitting this door, I’m going to phase you back and make you do 9 more months in Tier 2.”

I then began to write Ms. Woods, a dept warden of care and treatment, on 5/5/16 and 5/26/16. Still no response. I then wrote Warden Mariy S Allen for the 3rd time. This time I was pleading with him in my request, asking him to take me to a prison with right medical/dental care. Still no response.

On June 6, 2016 I was seen by a dentist at VSP after waiting for 4 months of nothing but pain. Ms Dr. Crawford stated “How long you been like this?” talking about my face. I stated “For months”. She then did an x-ray and said “I got to do what’s called an emergency surgery”. The surgery took her 2 hours. She said “If you would have waited 1 more month you might have lost all your back teeth!”

Also just 3 weeks before I was seen by Dr. Crawford, an LPN saw me and tols me “Damn, who hit you?” I told her “No one hit me, it’s my back tooth”. Then she states to the officer “It’s not his tooth, he’s lying. And if it is his teeth, he’s out of luck. We don’t even have a dentist.”

Just after the surgery on June 10th, 2016, I saw Ms Dr. Crawford again. This time I asked her why I was talking funny and why my tongue was numb and why my speech has changed. She stated “I might have damaged some nerves. But I still need to do a 2nd surgery.” I then told her “Ms. Crawford, you must not have slept last night, or must have bumped your head real hard on something” looking at her with a crazy look. She then stated “It won’t hurt, and it will take only 15 minutes.” I stated “No thank you, I’m okay…”

The grievance dated 5/18/16 was responded to on Jun 26, 2016 only to state by mr. Allen that at the time, VSP was without a dentist, however you were seen 10 times by medical, you could have addressed this issue at any time.

It is crazy how people in prison get mistreated. Inmates are hopeless and must kill themselves when inmates don’t get the right mental health or medical care. And it’s sad how a human treats another human like a dog. As and inmate, I always ask myself “Damn, am I going to Hell for all the wrong I did?” But some times say to myself “No, I’m not. I have been judged my a human, to be placed in a place where it’s like Hell.” Then also ask myself where are prison workers that were in prison? Where are they going it’s got to be a worse place for them.