Letter from a US citizen to the judge who’s deporting her husband


I, Lisa Kesselly write this article to you. In my country you have deprive me of my rights, as a United States citizen of America. Knowing the heartache I suffered of losing my two son’s you stripped me of my humanity and insanity. All because of my skin, you felt no rights to serve my husband justice knowing he was not deportatable in the first place. Now who’s the real criminal, high way robbery is what you and Mrs. Andrea Clarke did to me. But may God be your Judge, and may he judge each of you for your evil hearts. Your system in americkkka is a disgrace, I strongly believe that it was never made to protect me neither my family. It was made for sally with blue eyes and white skin. I’m sure if sally husband was In front of you and had lost kids back to back you would have allowed her husband a fair case hearing. I’m ashamed to be called a citizen of the United States of America, I apologize to my husband on behalf of my country being so racists. Too many bits at the apple you say, let’s not forget it was salves of my husband and I who build this damn apple tree. Maybe you never lost a child, to know what that pain feels like. But it broke me to the cord to hear this judge say you can go ¬†with your husband to a third world country. He didn’t even care about my safety as a black American. He recharged my husband with a crime that got cancellation of removal. Then stated the matter of balderas, told my husband he could file motion to reconsider and then stated he couldn’t file. Now i see where my husband learn such acts from the biggest criminals of all the government. May God pay you double the pain you put me through.