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Report on Rebellion At Valdosta State Prison

Down here we put the word out about Attica and what this stand was for and all. These f****** tipped the devils off, me and my team knew because as the day closed in, the tension was felt, the guards were placing the cuffs on us tight when being escorted out the cell to the shower, yard, medical, etc. So by us seeing that, I threw piss and chemicals in the Sgt face on 9/8/2016 AM. Popp’d it off early, the Sgt tried to spray, we shield the door, me and my cell mate. We waited on use of force to go on strip cell, but Sgt said he was going to refuse our food. Now why he want to do that? Very stupid! My Brothers asked the officer that was working our range when he was passing out trays was he going to feed me and my cell mate, and he replied that it was out of his hands because Sgt said not to feed us. Now, that was so wrong to say, and he represent a urban gang so he says SPLATT – they throwed body fluids on him! He called Sgt and they brough the CERT team and sprayed mace on them and placed one on strip cell. So the CERT being here, we on the door like “Remember Attica, bitch”, “Black lives matters”, “Justice will be served”, and we kept that up until they came back to my cell. We then gave them our demand sheets with “non-negotiable” on it, and told them we better eat, or else.

So the Sgt came with pack outs in bags, saying “go to the back of the cell” for he could throw the food in to us like a dogg. I ask my cell mate was he hungry and he replied that he was full of rage, so we manipulated Sgt to leave and come back. When he came back, we had the old tray we kept to block the flap with now jammed in the tray flap slot, and when Sgt asked us to step to the back, I was 1/2 way back. I ran up and footed that tray, almost busting my ass (cause the entire building was and did flood). But now we have the flap open and Sgt fighting to not let us get it all the way down, so while I pushed against his strength my cell mate hit him with a cup of shit right in the face. Sgt immediately started vomiting, but I gave him the flap to close now. This was around 6pm it started around 12pm. The next shift came in, a brother who do what he can for us, he went and brought us our pack outs (we still ate!).

On 9/9/2016 a few peoples went on hungry strike. Kevine them did too in J-building, so I heard. But that brother who got sprayed for our trays cell mate throwed shit and piss on the officer, we was then being served our food by CERT teams and a few officers. They had the cameras for incidents and use of force rolling. They had paint ball peppers, tazers and 7% mace all pointed at me and my cell mate’s flap as they fed and ran ice call. So with us living to die and not dying to live, we threw piss, chemicals and the food on them (element of surprise). So when they came out of that seconds of shock, our shield and curtains was up ASAP, they realized we were war ready, slammed the flap and called us names as we represented Attica and sent the 2nd copy of the 3 demands sheets. They refused to use force, we wanted to fight! By the way, we still ate!

9/10/2016 & 9/11/2016 The strikers rolled out and we kept doing shit like flooding, and destroying the cell. Me and 3 other brothers didn’t stop & really haven’t stopped yet. We have throwed shit on an inmate that was speaking against the movement, he started crying like a bitch. They have me labeled as the leader over here, so I am in a one man cell in K2 side. Why they do that, I have 2 brothers over here, one is a nasty dude (he loves slanging shit :p) He’s throwed it on the head counselor, the LT, 4 officers and a betrayal. I’ve throwed more piss in another Sgt face, and truthfully the mace and physical force doesn’t bother me. The warden have been coming to our cell asking us what we want, my question is: you here to play, pray or pay?

Attica was really another day for me. These pigs try and do whatever me and my brothers ask or say, they have even told us that we showed them that it’s unity, and they respect us. But they still be treating those who refuse to stand up like some nothing ass slaves. This prison camp compound didn’t do shit, only K & J building stood in the paint and it wasn’t a large #.

The food is much better, we get our proper yard time, more mental health assistance, less shakedowns and they undivided attention. We won’t stop because when one struggle ends a new one begins. I don’t know about anyone else at the other camps, but it y’all are standing for us, we fell it’s our time to go all-out, because the body is in harmony within and out. We can’t force anyone to stand and fight. I’m not about to use intellectual vocabularies, all my brothers are basic, we are striving to learn, but we cannot have dictionaries or any books other than your bible, etc (yet). Change is coming. FIGHT

Us vs Them Power II the Peoples
Trouble D

Deathtrap @TRION – Hays State Prison

By: King Coe The Great!!
October 19, 2016

At Hays State Prison in Trion, GA, the administration uses its messhal or slave cafeteria to inflict its wrath. The prisoners call it a Deathtrap! It goes like this: The CERT (Correctional Emergency Response Team) runs the plantation! They don’t actually bother you unless it’s in here or inspection, most of the prisoners skip meals to avoid the harassment.

The kitchen stewards, who are contacted through ARAMARK Food Services, shake (give less than mandated) the spoon on the meals and it leaves prisoners hungry and they attempt to do what is called DOWOPPING (stealing another tray). This feat can be accomplished through means of trickery of the peonage staff also.

Well, the CERT sometimes misidentifies prisoners in their attempt to quell this tactic. They also simulate false accusations to lure innocent or certain individuals into their snare who they have an eye out for or ones who they want to put in a position to qualify to Tier 2 (see: Tier 2 aka The Torture Chamber, by Seer, 2015)

I will give you my brief encounter of the Deathtrap: On Sunday August 21, 2016, I went to breakfast like I normally do on my free days. The days where I don’t work in the slave-plantations kitchen. An inmate had already dowopped and I landed at the table where it was more trays than the allotted four that it seats. I noticed that my muffin was burned and pretty thin. I signaled to the LT at the window and he allowed me to approach. I showed him the complaint and was allowed to get another muffin.

While returning to my seat, another LT who had just returned by the name of Bradley stopped me and snatched my tray straight out of my hand. This happened so fast that I was likely stunned. He told me to “get out”! This pig accused me of stealin a tray and pointed to the table with four trays. In the midst of this confrontation, I see inmates jumping the rail to eat again instead of backing my cause. I say inmate(s) several times because us convicts stand together and inmates are inexperienced or selfish. The first LT did not attempt to thwart this escalating situation.

When seeing that I could not change this characters mind, I began to think fast. I still had my milk in my right hand at my side, so I switched it behind my back while this guy kept walking towards me all the while telling me to leave and I’m pleading with him to just listen to me. I also hear my comrade Master Cipher-EL say “You better not put your hands on him!”

That’s when I decided I must think for everyone around me, even this dumb-ass-pig and defuse the situation. i saw a massacre on these two idiots and in the famous words of the rapper Rocko Da Don “they didn’t even know it”.

I allowed LT Bradley to go ahead and push me out the door away from the rest of the dorm. Now if the CERT had been in this messhall instead of the other one, then this would’ve been SUICIDE! See that is because this is the blind area where they jump on us at. Why here??? NO CAMERAS! Luckily I was already in route to the hole when they responded to the call. It went without incident.

I was placed in admin-seg to 30 days. I lots my cook/baking detail and was relocated to C-2 when I came from D-1, the co-called thunder dorm…but believe it or not there was more unity in there than the pigs gave us credit for. I couldn’t think straight in C-2. Too much envy, hate, jealousy, anger…not my kind of environment. But anyways, that’s what the lumpen comrades call the DEATHTRAP@TRION

Peace, respect and encouragement to all… King Coe

Officers Stage Historic Work Strike at Holman Prison

Holman CF, Atmore, Al. September 24, 2016.

Last night at Holman prison an emergency situation developed as ALL of the officers assigned to the second shift waged a historic work strike for the first time in the history of the Alabama Department of Corrections.

Assistant Commissioner Grantt Culliver was dispatched to the prison, where he then had to order supervisors from another prison, Atmore CF, to report to Holman prison just to be able to serve meals. The officers at Holman, who have been defying ADOC policy and speaking publicly to the media, had communicated their plans to F.A.M. members, and expressed their support for non-violent and peaceful demonstrations against the human rights conditions existent at Holman.

Officers have also complained about overcrowding and the need for a mass release, more education and rehabilitation programs, as well as issues with disease and filth. Officers reserved their harshest criticism towards the Commissioner’s officer and what they perceive as a lack leadership from Commissioner Dunno and Culliver.

First hand audio account available here.


via FAM

Pics/Video of Starbucks arrests urgently needed!

If anyone witnessed the events leading up to the three arrests at Starbucks on Friday, and particularly if anyone has pictures or video of what happened, please contact .  It could be very important to the cases of the three arrestees, who are facing trumped-up felony charges for things they didn’t do.

Updates on the National Prison Strike

The prison strike is going strong, with no signs of stopping!

For updates on the nationwide struggle, keep an eye on these pages:

Statement on the Sept 9th Solidarity March

On Friday protesters from many groups including Atlanta Incarcerated Workers Organizing Committee, Anarchist Black Cross, and Street Groomers staged a march through Midtown targeting corporations which profit from prison slavery.

Inmates across the country are engaged in strikes and resistance against the prison system, demanding fair pay for their labor and an end to inhumane conditions.

To support the unprecedented prison strike, we visited Wendy’s, McDonalds, Aramark and Starbucks; all companies which exploit prison labor. Police were aggressive and hostile, at one point trying to run over protesters with a squad car. When the march reached Starbucks, police violently arrested three protesters, indiscriminately macing bystanders and even other officers. A Starbucks customer has claimed that the protest attacked him, but this is false. It appears that the police were looking for any excuse to crack down on the protest.

The real crime is the prison system’s abuse, and we reject efforts by the police and corporate power to distract the issue with false charges and unfounded accusations.

Three Arrested in Atlanta at Prison Strike Solidarity March

Donate to help us free the 3 protesters who were arrested during today’s march.

[updated 8:30am 09/10/16]

Today marks the beginning of the national prison strike.  Prisoners all over the country are going on strike and refusing to cooperate with the unjust prison system.  They are demanding decent pay for work, decent food and living conditions, and an end to inhumane practices like solitary confinement.

In Atlanta, supporters marched through Midtown and disrupted several corporations which profit from prison slavery.  Wendy’s, McDonalds, Aramark, and Starbucks all got a visit.  When the march got to Starbucks, police made several violent arrests, using pepper spray and slamming people to the pavement.  At one point, police even tried to run marchers over with a squad car.

We are working hard to make sure all the protesters get free as soon as possible, so everyone can continue doing the important work of supporting the ongoing prison strike.  We can’t get them out without enough bail money though, so if you’re able to contribute, please follow the link below:

Bail Out Atlanta Prison Strike Supporters

[update 8:30am 09/10/16] :

The three Atlanta protesters are at the Fulton County Jail. Each of them is facing multiple felony charges and no bond has been set. Given the nature and number of the charges, we are expecting their bonds to be set high. Please share the donation link with your friends and other supporters of the prison strike. If you were there during the arrests or would like to give support in any other way, please contact Atlanta Black Cross through the contact page on this site.

Bail Out Atlanta Prison Strike Supporters

Hundreds of inmates riot at Florida prison two days before national prison protest

[…] a revolt at Holmes Correctional in Florida’s Panhandle on Wednesday night, involving more than 400 inmates, caused damage to nearly every dorm during an uprising that lasted into the early morning. No one was seriously injured, but the department is concerned that the disturbance might be a harbinger of what’s to come.

The prison is currently shut down due to extensive damage, and all inmates had to be transported to other prisons.

3 ways to support the prison strike this week

On September 8th, there will be a film screening of Ghosts of Attica, followed by a discussion about prisoner resistance in history and today.  We will include thoughts from current prisoners on the upcoming national prison strike.


On Sept 9th, the strike officially begins.  There will be a solidarity march in Atlanta targeting corporations which profit from the slave labor of prisoners.

Web/SMS Flyer


On Sept 10th, Atlanta ABC is organizing a caravan to Donaldson Prison in Alabama to show visible support for the striking inmates there.  The demonstration begins at 10am, we will leave Atlanta early Saturday morning.  Please get in touch if you can participate.